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YR Player's Guide

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Posted 23 February 2006 - 01:41 PM

If you have read my MY RA2 PLAYER GUIDE you may know what to expect here. Well this YR-equivalent will hope to address even more than my previous topic to help players to gain experience and become far superior players in the world of C&C:YR.

Included in this guide you will find: (scroll down to find the large bold heading corresponding to what you are looking for)

1-Basic Hotkeys and the ideal way to combine and them to improve yourself
2-Best way to scout out the battlefield
3-Basic Builds for both Allies, Soviets, and Yuri on Red alert 2:Yuri's Revenge
4-Rushes for all factions
5-In-depth detail about the Allied faction (Soviet faction is more known so is left out, but this can be typed up too if anyone requests it. Also a separate Yuri-faction
document will be posted soon for those who wish to learn the Yuri side)
6-A list of the QM (QuickMatch) maps you will experience on Red alert 2:Yuri's Revenge

1-Basic Hotkeys and the ideal way to combine and them to improve yourself
Q - Main Building tab (Flicks the Tab to the First One)
W - Defense tab (Flicks the Tab to the Second One)
E - Infantry tab (Flicks the Tab to the Third One)
R - Units (Tanks, etc) tab (Flicks the Tab to the Fourth One)
T - Select that/those certain units in your view (click it twice selects all of that/those certain units on the map)
S - Stop (Stops what that current unit was pre-ordered to do)
N - Next unit (Goes to next unit on the map)
X - Scatter (Scatters all units selected in an attempt to not be run over)
D - Deploy (Deploys all select unit if they have a secondary function/units inside)
CTRL + 1-9 - Create Team
1-9 - Select Team
P - Select all units with an "Attack" ability (excludes miners) on the screen (click twice for all units on map)
H - Home (Takes you to your base)
B - Beacon (Places a beacon)
alt + click one of your tanks - to put your tanks in a compact group
Spacebar - Go to last action announced or beacon placed.
CTRL + SHIFT - Attack Move

-A faster way to get your MCV deployed at the start of game is to do "N,D", N for "Next Unit" and D for "Deploy"
-A faster way to place building is to push the "Q" or "W" depending on what building you wish to place and click on the battlefield where you want it
-Make Teams of Units (1 team for Rocketeers, 1 for Fodder, etc) to select the group push the number you assigned to it (cntrl + number) adn to flick to the part of the map those units are on, push the "Team Number" twice
-Whenever you wish to view your base, just push "H"
-Whenever you hear "Unit Lost" or "Miner Under Attack" just push Space-Bar and your screen will flick to where that message came from
-Create a Map Bookmark of your opponent's base and push F1-F4 (depends which one you assigned it to) to instantly go to that location
-Use CTRL + SHIFT to move away and have units stop to attack anything in range, good for IFV's

2-Best way to scout out the battlefield

The best way to scout a map is to build a certain number of dogs (which of course differs on map size
Example; 2 Dogs for a small map, 3 for a medium sized map, and 4 for a large map) and uncover as much shroud as possible, but preferably the opponents base so you can observer what they are doing and try to counter them.

Allies also have the option to scout with Rocketeers and Harriers/Black Eagles although you must scout early and with Attack Dogs.

If you desperately need to see what is underneath an Allied GAP Generator then there a few things you can do, but generally you must sacrifice a unit (Rocketeer, Amphibious Transport, Flak Trak, IFV, Paradrops or even a Kirov Airship)

This little feat helps Soviet Dreadnaughts to kill buildings and units under Allied GAP.

Of course if your opponent can see what you are building then he has the opportunity to counter it right? Well if you manage to kill all the enemies scouting units he may have a harder time countering your Build Orders. (Example; Deploying a few Gi's around your base should kill enemy dogs, or you can leave dogs around your base, or you can even get an early Rocketeer to do the job for you)

One of Yuri's minor drawbacks is his lack of ability in scouting. Brutes, although invincible to dog attacks, are less agile and consequently much less efficient (and costly) for scouting. It's advisable to build only one for scouting due to the high cost and, if killed, you are left blind. Sometimes, it is a good idea to also send 1 or 2 initiates as a backup incase your brute dies. Furtheremore, on small maps such and Dune Patrol and Blood Feud, it is also possible to send initiates instead, although slower than brutes, they cost less.

3-Basic Builds for both Allies and Soviets on Red alert 2
Build Orders is what the majority of Ra2/YR is about, how good your build order is (and how you control the units of course) usually defines how good you are as a player.
Here is a very basic Build Order for all sides, on maps with Tech Oil Derricks and Gems you will need less Ore Miners because there are far richer resources on the map.

Power Plant
Barracks (Scout the map, attempt to catch any Oil Derricks nearby)
Ore Refinery
War Factory (Build 1 Ore Miner from it, then Grizzly Battle Tanks)
Ore Refinery
Ore Refinery (Sell the Ore Refinery furthest away from the Ore being mined)
Airforce Command Centre (Rocketeers and Harriers/Black Egles to attack your enemy)
Ore Refinery
Power Plant
War Factory (To increase build speed)
Battle Lab (Any teched units you want)
Ore Purifier

Tesla Reactor
Barracks (Scout the map, attempt to catch any Oil Derricks nearby)
Ore Refinery
War Factory (Build 1 Ore Miner from it, then Tanks)
Ore Refinery (sell after placement)
Ore Refinery
Radar (Train Desolators if needed)
Tesla Reactor
Ore Refinery
War Factory
Battle Lab (Any teched units you want)
Nuclear Reactor

Bio Reactor
Barracks (Scout the map, attempt to catch any Oil Derricks nearby)
Slave Miner
War Factory (1 or 2 Gattling Tanks to further scout the terrain or for early offence, Slave Miner)
Slave Miner
Psychic Radar (Begin building Magnetrons)
Slave Miner
Battle Lab (Build Masterminds and Floating Discs, Yuri Prime and more Magnetrons)
Bio Reactor (Keep power divided evenly between the two power plants)

4-Rushes for all factions
Rushing is obviously a faster way to end a matchup. Although some consider it 'cheap' and 'unskillful' there is some skill in knowing exactly how to rush and when to attack and how to attack, forcing them to make a crucial mistake. Rushing takes guts and a fair amount of skill in controlling the units you have

Rocky Rush: - Allies against Allies
Depending on the resources on the map you can try with 3 barracks or on a rich resource map even 6 barracks, which means rocketeers will build super fast,
Power Plant
Barracks (Anti Scout Well)
Ore Refinery
Airforce Command Centre (Build lots of Rocketeers!)
Sell MCV if you think it is needed

Sell MCV Rush: - Soviet against Allies
Tesla Reactor
Barracks (Scout the map)
Ore Refinery
War Factory (Rhino Tanks)
Ore Refinery (Sell this when placed)
Ore Refinery (Sell this when placed)
Sell your MCV
At this point build a few Attack Dogs to use as fodder

Engi Sell MCV Rush: Soviet against any side
Tesla Reactor
Barracks (Scout the map)
Ore Refinery
War Factory (1 Flak Trak, 1 Terror Drone <1 Engineer from Barracks>, 1 War Miner then Tanks)
Ore Refinery
Send The Flak Trak towards the enemy, make sure the Engineer and Terror Drone are inside, attempt to capture the enemy MCV or War Factory)
Ore Refinery
War Factory
Sell MCV, if you managed to capture an enemy building, sell it for the funds
Attack with all your forces

Walking Engi: Any situation
Power Plant
Barracks (Scout the map), Send an Engineer walking around the outside of the map and attempt to capture an enemy building, if you do, begin building sentry guns in their base.
Ore Refinery
War Factory (1 Miner, Tanks)
Ore Refinery
Ore Refinery (Sell)
War Factory

All Air Rush: Allies against Soviets
Power Plant
Barracks (Scout the map)
Ore Refinery
Airforce Command Centre (build planes and Rocketeers)
Ore Refinery
Sell MCV
Harass him with your planes and Rocketeers and attempt to win

Double Drone Rush: Soviets against Soviet
Tesla Reactor
Barracks (Scout the map)
Ore Refinery
War Factory (2 Terror Drones, 1 War Miner, Tanks)
Ore Refinery
Attempt to "Drone" the enemy War Miners while they are on a Ore Refinery as they wont have the ability to shoot the Terror Drone
Ore Refinery (Sell)
War Factory
Attack now with your army

Gi IFV Rush: Allies against Allies or Soviet
Power Plant
Barracks (Scout the map and attempt to antiscout well)
Ore Refinery
War Factory (Straight IFV's and promptly fill with Gi's)
Airforce Command Centre (1 or 2 Rocketeers to harrass the enemy with)
Sell MCV

2 War Rush: Soviet against any side
Tesla Reactor
Barracks (Scout the map)
Ore Refinery
War Factory (1 War Miner, then Rhino Tanks)
Ore Refinery
War Factory (To increase tank build speed)
Sell MCV

Yuri Rush: Yuri against Soviet or Allies (On high resource map only; Dry Heat, Offense Defence, Golden State FWY, etc)
Bio Reactor
Barracks (Scout the map)
Slave Miner
War Factory (2 Gattling Tanks, 2 Lasher Tanks)
Slave Miner
Psychic Radar (2 Magnetrons)
Battle Lab (2 Masterminds and Yuri Prime)
Grind MCV for $3000

Initiate Rush: Yuri against Yuri
Bio Reactor
Barracks (Scout the map then train lots of Initiates)
Slave Miner
Barracks (Continue making Initiates)
Attack with your men army

5-In-depth detail about the Allied faction
Undoubtedly the hardest side in the game to master, Allies are also the weakest side in
Yuri's Revenge. Just like Yuri though, Allies must use their full arsenal to their highest potential
to win a battle. While Allies are more effective against Yuri, especially in a long duration game,
they still find it hard to penetrate Yuri�s mind control fortress. Allies also however are inferior to
Soviets early on in a matchup aswell, with long-game chances dwindelling if Superweapons are
enabled. This will be kept as brief as possible while still informing you all on how to use Allies,
majorily against Soviet (most used side by top players) but will leak into the Yuri side of things

Aswell as being the worst side in the game, Allies also have the worst economy.
They only rake in half as much as the Soviet counterpart whereas both of them are overshadowed
by Yuri's economy. To try maximise your Allied economy as much as possible try to do the following:

1. Place you�re Ore Refineries as close as possible to the ore/gem patch.

2. Allied Miners have the ability to chrono to Ore Refineries anywhere on the map,
but they also teleport to any refinery on the map, even if it is not the closest one.
To help prevent this as much as possible monitor your miners and manually return
them to your base

3. When teleporting back to your base chrono miners, if in great numbers, will tend to
queue up and waste time which will further weaken your already rather-poor economy.
The best way to prevent this is to keep roughly one ore refinery to every two miners
you have (whereas with Soviets you tend to sell Refineries a lot more)

4. When fully teched Allies have the option of building an Ore Purifier, it is highly
recommended that you purchase this as in the longrun it is highly beneficial for you,
allowing you to buy more tanks for your army.

5. Soviet enemies who have map control early on may attempt to 'split tanks' and pick
off one (or more) of your miners, so to attempt to prevent this by staying alert and thinking fast
to fight off the trouble-potential split.

Spies/Seals in IFV's

Very underated units, both can decide the game if used correctly. Iron Curtain is an Allied Killer and
must be killed at all costs, otherwise your chances of winning decrease rapidly. Along with seals, spies
have there uses aswell, infiltrating an enemy battle lab, radar tower or war factory has wonderful results.
Here is the best way(s) to use these units to take out a Soviet enemy:

1. The main thing Allies have to do if they wish to seal/spy an enemy is to distract them so they can be
successful. Bluffing an attack with your ground forces while dropping paratroopers in the back will keep
him busy so you can slip in the IFV toward the Iron Curtain (for Spy IFV attempt to get a War Factory or
Radar tower first). If you are granted the technology of Veteran (One stripe) tanks get a grizzly-heavy army
as Grizzly are now almost a mirror image of a Rhino Tank and are very powerful.

2. On an Air-based map (such as May Day or Lake Blitzen) Nighthawk choppers can be used to transport
Seals or Spies across the map safely. Remember that the chopper cannot be seen on enemy radar and
if you can distract him long enough you can slip the chopper into the back of his base.

Air Units
Allies have an aggressive side to them consisting of Rocketeers and Harriers/Black Eagles. Rocketeers are
fast and can go anywhere on the map and planes can fly along side them to fight off any enemy Flak Traks nearby.
The following is a list of things you can do with these units:

1. Try to keep Rocketeers active all game which will distract the enemy greatly, attack powerplants whereever possible
and have Harriers or Black Eagles nearby ready to shoot any Flak Traks, when he is low power he will be building
slower than you and it will take him more time to get another Anti-Air unit ready.

2. Similar to above, target a War Factory with your group of Rocketeers (4 should be enough) and have planes following
ready to shoot the weakened building. If you kill the War Factory you should be able to establish a tank advantage
over your enemy.

3. As mentioned above a group of 4 Rocketeers should be enough to kill a building, now if you build more Rocketeers
you can begin to split them into two even groups and fly them around the map. This is going to confuse your enemy and
gives you an advantage over the battlefied as you are less likely to make mistakes if not under pressure.

4. If Korea you have the option of skipping the Battle Lab and making a second Airforce Command Centre.
If you can manage to get 5 Black Eagles no Iron Curtain should be able to survive long enough to harm you.
Other important buildings you can kill with 5 Black Eagles include, the War Factory, Ore Refinery, and Flak Cannons
(3 Black Eagle shots for a Battle Lab)

There are many ways to use a Chronosphere, but what ones are best?

1. If the enemy has a small army and you have units ready to chrono across the map, try to chrono your tanks onto
the enemies tanks as theres will die and yours will appear unharmed.

Another potential game-winning tactic is to chrono enemy units into the water, this works well against Yuri as you can
potentially chrono a lot of moneys worth of units into the water (4 Masterminds and a few Magnetrons perhaps) which is definately
something you couldn't pass up!

3. Chronoing Prism Tanks into an enemy base is deadly aswell, they can do extensive damage in no time,wiping out important structures
left right and centre.

What tanks to build when?
Many players lose battles because they do not know what units to build when.
I hope to be able to explain to the best of my Allied ability what to do, and when:

1. Against Yuri players do not (i repeat do not mass grizzles), hold the fort with a few GGi IFV's
and attempt to get 1 more Miner than the Yuri player (and then get your Battle Lab up quicker).

2. When teched as Allied against a Yuri player build a handful of Mirages tanks (up to ten) then begin making Prism
Tanks (or GGi iFV if Yuri is making Floating Discs)

3. Mass Prism (lots of them) will destroy every land unit Yuri has (except the Slave Miner, so watch out if Yuri brings
them to battle as 'Prism-Fodder")

4. Tanya in an IFV can be used (if Yuri is distracted by Paratroopers or something else) to drive around the back of the Yuri base and kill
any Slave Miners about (you must be quick!)

5. Against Soviet try to keep many Mirage Tanks about along with a Seal IFV or a Battle Fortress (with a Seal in it to eliminate Desolators)
and Rocketeers overhead aswell trying to cause as much damage as possible.

Robot Tanks
These units have almost no use. They require a building to power them (to stay alive aswell) and are to vulnerable against Tanks.
Here are the only two decent uses for Robot Tanks i could think of:

Don't you just hate it when Soviets attempt to 'Fast tech' for an early Dreadnaught? Well 4-5 Robot Tanks can easily eliminate that threat.

2. On a Navel map Robot Tanks are good for harrassing enemy buildings and provide a good distraction for
other sneak attacks you wish to concuct.

A list of the QM (QuickMatch) maps you will experience on Red alert 2:Yuri's Revenge
Each picture will be linked to the text directly beneath it.

Posted Image
Country Swing (2-4):

- Divided down the middle with only 3 access routes to the other half, this map is quite heavy on resources but has no tech buildings, Gems are available late game for extra funds later on
- A good way to maximize money consumption (gathering the ore fast) is to stretch your buildings (shown in Tips)
- Garrasionable buildings on both halfs of the map but buildings on the south side are much weaker.
- The bottom half of the map also has slightly more Ore than the top.
- A map good for sneak attacks and large tank battles

Posted Image

Official Tournament Map B (2)
- Divided down the middle (diagonally) by a few small lakes this map holds 4 oil derricks, 2 on each half of the map (second Oil is only accessible by repairing the bridge. - If you're on th left side a large amount of gems are directly up from your position with a garrisonable hut in the middle which can be used to protect you miners. On the right side of the map the gems are below your start position, again, with the hut.
- Ore can be found just below (left side) or above (right side) but its best to go for the gems first. If needed late game there are 2 islands in the very corners of the map (top right corner and bottom left) with a small patch of gems on it.
- A map good for navel assaults or close base battles.

Posted Image

Montana DMZ (2-4):
- Divided down the centre by a river with only 3 bridges to get to the other side, this map has one Tech Airport situated to the right of the river near the top.
- A small patch of gems either above or just below your mcv (depending what position you are) with ore on the opposite side to the gems, and on each side of the map you have a large quantity of gems in the centre
- With quite a lot of garrisonable buildings in the centre of the map and a few more scattered about this map is good for sneak attacks and lots of strategies.

Posted Image

Urban Rush (2):
- A small map with a small city in the centre with a Tech Airport in the centre, this map has 2 patches of ore by your mcv and 2 more, above and below the Tech Airport.
- Garrisonable buildings in the middle to protect the Airport and to build off of
- This map is meant for quick and fast games relying on speed.

Posted Image

Heartland (2-4):
- An open map except for a river down the middle with a few bridges over it this map has 2 patches of ore near each starting position with 2 oil derricks, one at the top left of the map, the other at bottom right.
- Heartland has 2 Repair Bays situated near the Oil Derricks.
- This map is good for tank battles and the Repair Bays can be used for affective Hit 'n' Run assaults.

Posted Image

Golden State FWY (2-4):
- A completely open map with lots of money and 4 Oil Derricks, patches of gems can be found not too far from each Oil Derrick which are directly up or down (depending where your base is)
- Garrisonable buildings can be found in the centre of the map and patches of Ore are near your base
- A completely open map good for sneak attacks, Hit 'n' Run assaults and good tank fights.

Posted Image

Isle Of War (2):
- A map with only one way to the opponents base, with a bridge (needs to be fixed) across the valley linking the two upper levels of the island
- A patch of gems near you mcv and a patch of of ore on that levelof the map, when you reach the upper level you will see two more patches of ore.
- Garrisonable buildings (some need repairing) for protection on the upper level of the island
- A navel map which can be used for navel wars and air fights, not many ways to attack via land so tank battles dont really happen

Posted Image

South Pacific (2-4):
- A symetrical map with a pinch (a tight space) in the middle, has 2 Tech Airports, one on each half of the map in the middle surrounded by lots of ore
- 4 Oil Derricks, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom near your base with gems next to your MCV to begin with
- A scattered patch of gems in the very middle of the map can be used to broaden your army
- A good map with lots of money for air attacks, Tank splits and Navel Assaults

Posted Image

Snow Valley (2-4)
- With 2 height levels with the four start positions on the highest you start off with a patch of gems and a patch of ore by your base
- Once expanded to the bottom levels you will find ore scattered about in quite large amounts
- A hill in the middle which is the same height as your Base hill with 2 small patches of gems on it, this hill can be used as an advantage in tank fights
- With 2 identical cliffs stretching from the middle to the outside of the map you will find a small patch of gems on each cliff by the outskirts of the map
- This map is good for Air attacks, sneak attacks and creativity with tank battles

Posted Image

May Day (2):
- A map almost cut off by water with 16 Oil Derricks, 8 for each position and a Tech Airport to the East of your start position, and a Tech Hopsital aswell
- Garrisonable buildins can be found all around your base and some by the derricks on the Left side of the map.
- A map mainly for air attacks and navel battles

Posted Image

Paris Revisited (2-4):
- A map with lots of buildings on the left side with a few scattered about on the right
- 4 Oil Derricks, 1 near each start postions, gems can be found in the top centre and near the middle
- Lots of ore and building protection makes this map ideal for tank splits and large tank fights

Posted Image

The Alamo (2)
- A map in the city with quite a few buildings on the left side near the Tech Airport which can be found almost in the Top Left corner with a patch of ore nearby
- 2 medium sized patches of gems in the centre of the map with a garrisonable building in the middle
- Excluding Top Left there is an Oil Derrick in each corner with a patch of ore next to each one
- A map good for tank splits and tactical methods

Posted Image

Dustbowl (2):
- A map completed surrounded by cliffs with a river flowing from Top Left to Bottom Right with 2 Oil Derricks in each corner
- 2 patches of ore near each start position with lots of weak garrisonable buildings nearby, some stronger buildings in the centre of the map
- 2 miniscule patches of ore can be found by the outer Oil Derrick on both corners.
- A map for High Tec units and good for SuperWeapons and tank fights

Posted Image

Offense Defense (2-4)
- A thin map with cliffs running parallel on the top/bottom borders of the map
- 2 Oil Derricks on the left of the map, and 2 on the right. 2 patchs of gems on each half of them map with 2 patches of Ore next to them
- With trees in the middle you can camoflauge Mirage Tanks, this map is for tactical fighting and SuperWeapons, and throw in some air attacks

Posted Image

Blood Feud (2):
- A small map with a couple of hills which can be used for advantages in tank fights
- with 2 patches of ore right next to your start position (doesnt matter which one you are) and another patch slightly further away on the opposite side
- A fairly straight forward map used for tank fights and a quick paradrop works well here

Posted Image

DEFCON 6 (2-6):
- A map made of 6 hills with lower level all around except for a valley in the middle
- A patch of Ore next to each starting position and another patch between it and the other hills next to it (3 Patches near your start postion)
- With plenty of gems lining the small valley in the middle with 4 small patchs of Ore inside this ring of Gems
- A map good for base walking and the Openness of it allows for anything you can come up with

Posted Image

Dune Patrol (2):
- A small map with cliffs running parallel to each other alogn the top and bottom borders of the map
- 3 patchs of Ore near each start position and a small lake of water in the middle
- Another simple map mainly for close tank battles

Posted Image

Lake Blitzen (2-4)
- A map with large lake cut in two by a bridge with a Repair Bay on one side and a Tech Hospital on the other
- 2 Oil Derricks on land, in the middle on the outside of the map, on both sides.
- 3 Islands can be found in the water (2 on the larger water mass and 1 on the smaller), the island in the smaller water mass holds two Oil Derricks, one of the other islans has 2 Oil Derricks also and the other one has a Tech Airport on it
- A patch of ore near each start position with 2 patches of Gems which cane be found at the bottom in the middle and the other patch on the top of the map in the middle
- A map good for navel battles and air assaults

Posted Image

Official Tournament Map A (2)
- A thin island map surrounded by water, it has 2 Oil Derricks, one can be found in the middle on the top of the island and the other on the bottom
- A few huts near each Oil Derrick
- The map has a hill in the middle with 2 patches of Gems and 2 of Ore with another little hill in the middle, good fora slight advatage in Tank fights
- 2 Patchs of ore (above and below) your start position with a small patch of gems on a small hill behind your MCV
- The water means this map can have navel battles, map is also good for air attacks and tank splits

Posted Image

Anytown, Amerika (2-4)
- A map with 2 lots of garrisonable buildings, one on the East, the other on the West side of the map
- With a patch of Ore near each start position, a patch of gems on and next to the cliff at the top and some in a clearing down the bottom next to a Tech Hospital
- Another Tech Hospital can be found amongst the buildings on the Left Side of the map
- A map good for tank fights

Posted Image

Dry Heat (2-4):
- Made up of 4 hills with a patch of Ore on each, 4 Oil Derricks where one can be found in each corner of the map
- Gems can be found in the gap between the hills in the Top Left aread of the map and some more down at Bottom Right
- More Ore can be found next to those 2 patches of gems and another patch of Ore is in the very centre of the map when the hills meet the ground
- This map is good for tank splits, the amount of money means easy SuperWeapons and the hills make a slight advantage in tank fights

Posted Image

Pinch Point (2):
- A very long map with 2 patches of Ore next to the start position on the Right side only, the Left side only has 1
- The odd hut can be found in the valley between the 2 cliffs
- The cliffs hold a patch of Gems and a patch or Ore (The top cliff has 2 patches of Ore)
- This map is good for tank fights

Posted Image

Face Down (2-4)
- WIth a lot of Gems in the centre of the map and a patch of Ore where you first started this map is high in money
- 2 Machine Shops and 2 Oil Derricks can be found in the middle on small hills
- Surrounded by water this map is good for navel battles and building air units to harrass your enemy

Posted Image

Death Valley Girl (2-4)
- Divided down the centre by a river this map holds 4 Oil Derricks, 1 in the top left, 1 in the bottom right and the other ones can be found on the level of the map near your base
- Gems can be found by the river on both sides, each postion starts of with Ore next to it
- A final 2 ore patches can be found by the Oil Derricks on the side of the map
- The cliffs can be used for a massive advantage in tank fights
- This map is good for SuperWeapon battles, tank battles and air attacks

Posted Image

Tour Of Egypt (2-6):
- A large money map with 2 large patches of ore on the sides of the map and 2 smaller patches of gems nearby
- 2 cliffs in the middle of the map completely covered with Ore, eah hill has 4 smaller patches of ore next to it, so 6 patches of Ore total in the middle of the map
- 4 Garrisonable huts, 2 on each side of the map
- A large map for big armies, SUperWaeapons, air attacks, tank splis, large tank fights and anything else you can think of

Posted Image

Tanya's Training Grounds (2-4)
- A map made of many levels with 2 Oil Derricks in each corner, 4 Oil Derricks on the Second Level of the mountain, 1 on each corner and an Allied AirForce Command in the centre with a wall around it
- 4 more Oil Derricks can be found, in 2 groups, in the gap between the bases on the left side you will find 2 derricks, same with the right side of them map
- Patches of Ore can be found all over Level 2 of the mountain and 4 patches of gems can be found on the level just below the AFC (AirForce Command)
- A patch of ore to go with each start postion makes this map rich in resources
- A map good for pretty much anything you wish to do


Posted Image

Deadman's Ridge (2) :
- A map with 3 height levels, with 4 Oil Derricks on each half of the map, aswell as a Tech Airport.
- 2 more oils can be found in the middle of each half (4 oils total) but bridges need to be repaired to access them
- Only one land-point connects the two halves of the map with a Battle bunker on each side of the pinch
- 4 patches of ore on each half of the map (2 upper level and two middle level)
- A map good for air attacks and seige choppers

Posted Image

Hidden Valley (2) :
- A symmetrical valley with 2 oils on each cliff (one set for each player) and a large patch of Ore by both Construction Yards
- A Tech Hospital and Machine Shop can be found in teh Top-Left corner, and the Bottom-Right corner
- A good defensive map, equal for all sides and all kinds of potential can be expressed here

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A Hill Between (2) :
- As the name says there is 'A Hill Between' the two opponent's bases. This hill is a large hill and is made up of 3 layers
- The hill has a derrick in each corner of it (4) and a Tech Airport on the upper level
- The second level of the hill is completely covered in Gems and there is a single patch of Ore by each starting postition
- A Machine Shop can be found in the Bottom-Right corner and a Tech Hospital in the TOp-Left corner
- A good map for 'sentry-battles' in middle fighting over your resources

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Let there be fight (2) :
- A symmetrical river map with no Tech buildings on it
- Each half of the map is littered with garrisons, and each half of the map has 3 patches of ore the same size.
- A good map for Navel Battles

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