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Olaf A Proposal Too EA

21 February 2010 - 01:51 PM

Read part two of this thread, EA source code click here

Hi, first it's been a while since I've been to these forums :).

I have been helping Grant on a few projects. On one of the sites I noticed that he said Tib Sun was now free. He at first thought Ra2 free would be a bad idea.

Here is my Proposal.

Since EA has finally started releasing their games for free and it would seem Red Alert 2 is the next in line. I have a proposal to EA as the game might be profitable(minor) to a website willing to run it.

Recently, I have been playing free MMO games mainly FPS style shooters.


These games make their cash from advertisement and a in game Cash Shop, which allows players to buy add ons in game. Most free MMO's are RPG, FPS, 3rd Person Shooters, and Racing. There really is no free to play rts game worth playing. EA's only competition is itself or what ever site that would decide to run them.

Some of these games have thousands of players who play across the world. Sudden Attack (gamehi) is the 2nd most popular game online in South Korea and is right there with StarCraft. Sudden Attack was made in '04 and it's graphics aren't great, but it has excellent game play.

With good advertisement, I believe Strike-Team could make a decent amount of money off of Red Alert 2 and maybe even Tiberium Sun. You have to let people know the game is free and what's it about. Youtube videos are a great way to get people's attention and you could have a great video made up.

Things EA would have to allow.

- Control of the game too ST or a website that would run it.

That's pretty much it.

Cash shop ideas all if possible.
-Rendering units different colors
-Programs like MF for competitive players
-Customized Interfaces, Buttons, ETC....
-Clan symbols on the ladder
-Cap clans too 25 players and make them pay to expand (Those games I listed make a **** load off of this.)
-You could allow them to design their own symbol and it cost extra

Advertisements of course for the website

Then there is all of the people in China playing this game and that's where the cash shop makes your money. Z8games' Crossfire is really big in China and they spend a good amount of money on it as it's free, but you can buy extra's. The clan add-on is your money maker and if you could render the units that would be another. Clan symbols would also be a good source, especially if you aloud custom ones. Of course, you would have to find a way to accept Chinese currency. You would have to at least have a server close to them to make them want to play, but it's for profit reasons.

Obviously, the main problem that everyone has about free serials is how do you stop the hackers? Well honestly, unless you patch the game well enough your not going too and I for one don't think it should be patched unless we include YR. Then of course, there needs to be some kind of balance patch. I would believe you could patch the hacks though. Wasn't Pisc able to block map hacks in 1.7?

Not able to patch the hacks? Then you would run separate tournaments with a Anti Hack. One of my projects with Grant is Suddenleague.com A online league for the sudden attack North American server. We have had a Anti Hack made that will catch most hackers. I will not say what it does unless you ask in PM Olaf, but I will say you can make it for Ra2 as it would be very simple and take you no time at all. This will 100% catch map hackers and as that is all you worry about. It will do the trick for tournaments.

As you can tell this proposal was well thought out. I would hope EA would allow something like this proposal to happen as Red Alert could still be profitable to someone and there is no competition in this market.

- PyyMP

The lamer topic

02 July 2009 - 09:29 PM

Ok, before I begin.
This topic's purpose is to expose people that play cheaply.
If you don't think engi eating, engi, alting, or naval stretching is lame. It is simple.

There is no need to flame in this topic, because if you flame the mods will close it.
A lot of players still play this game for fun. To me and a lot of others fun on this game is without the 4 things mentioned above.

Simply post the nickname of the player who lamed you and tell us about what he did.

Engi/Engi eat and then DC after he got beat.

M0nstrous Internal[admin page sent]

29 June 2009 - 10:43 PM

I know this won't get proven, but he tried to engi rush and after that failed this happend. I'm gonig to start recording all my games so I'll have video soon.

Just uploading and saying for the record.

the answer to the chines serials

25 June 2009 - 06:12 PM

We need to persuade cdkey-game.com to sell ra2 cd keys. They already sell a lot of other cd keys and stock 100 cd keys at a time. We need to show them that ra2 could be just as profitable.

kobe@cdkey-game.com is the owner. Start sending him emails showing support.


14 June 2009 - 07:29 PM

just a warning. I couldn't get xgs to work, but this guy is a mapper. Huge stretch on GSF.


If you play vs him use xgs and get this idiot banned.