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In Topic: Ra2 freezes from MSN

01 December 2005 - 01:14 PM

Ok it isn't JUST MSN that freezes it. Whenever, I am connected to the online server and I Alt-Tab it does it. Any clues or ideas why?

In Topic: Ra2 freezes from MSN

01 December 2005 - 08:09 AM

I have at least 1.00 GB.

In Topic: Ra2 freezes from MSN

01 December 2005 - 05:24 AM

u need more ram i can do it fine!


I am afriad that is not the problem. I have PLENTY of RAM. Anyways, as long as I am not in the Game Lobby or Anything to deal with being connected to the server, it doesn't have any issues. (IE: If I am staring at the menu that has the Quickmatch/custom/account info...etc.) I have no issues with Alt-Tab. However when I connect to the server and put into a lobby etc. it starts to act up. BTW, Skirmishes also do not cause a problems.

In Topic: Game not working properly

30 November 2005 - 10:05 AM

I am having the same problem for Ra2. When I installed it and when ever I try to play it, I recieve "Please insert CD". But if I hit cancel it will work. :blink:

In Topic: EA support - Your views needed.

25 May 2004 - 04:29 PM

Want some Quotes from me about EA? Here it goes, I will try to be as nice as possible too.

I feel EA are nothing more than money hungry, unconcerned, lazy people. They are just like the rest of 75% of the population. All they want to do is sit on their **** and get money. Too scared to put some work into something to make it better for the people who support them. When a game that is produced starts to fall downhill they patch it once or twice. After three months they leave it for dead, unsupported. Then seven months later after it is cheat infested and filled with imbeciles, instead of trying to fix their mistakes that they made in the first place, they come up with a brilliant plan. "Let's instead of patching a game that already has a good community, and is in dir need of support, let's make an add-on! That way we can sucker up more people to move to a game that we will patch once within the first month then leave it to perish." To me all EA does is try to make a quick buck. All you people who are regulars playing their games should know at least these 3 things by now. One, after two to three months the game won't be supported anymore. Two, they just want your money, remember patches equals money, that's why they won't patch them. Three, they don't give a flying rats **** about their community, if they did they would patch their games. But hey, why patch games that really need it when they can make add-ons and watch the idiotic childish community go blow their money on it? Why should they spend money to make your playing experience better, when they can make money by giving you a game that will be guaranteed to die within 2 months! Because they know you will buy it, even knowing these things. If EA treasured and respected their game and community, they would have patched their games long ago. What does Blizzard do that EA don't? Ha! Yea what doesn't Blizzard do that EA doesn't. Funny question. They listen to their community, they patch their games, and they make the experience for their players better, not worse by disabling their chat just because some rejects cause trouble. They ban cheaters, they take action! What does EA do? Yea what does EA do. Just sit with your thumb up your **** and think about a new Command and Conquer game series since you know the community that is following you will buy them. Why should you care to help? Let's face it just about every company owns EA at supporting their community. I could keep going on, but why bother? You get the picture.