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Lost Friends list in Renegade [FAO Admin][resolved]

17 August 2010 - 04:05 PM

ok why are my friends on my friends list gone and every time i readd them they dissapear?


06 November 2005 - 11:22 PM

Now that xwis has taken over for wol lets see how many new players are here and if there are more renegade players then the others

These Fourms Need Help!

06 November 2005 - 02:36 AM

hey guys i hate to say this.. but whoever designd this web page needs to look at other web pages , just to get a better idea . just for the fact this web page is so not user friendly .. the topics are jumbled, its hard to navagate , half the options dont work .. its give errors every time you do a serch .. and last but not least ...... add a little color lol it wont hurt

Changing dedicated server over to XCC

04 November 2005 - 02:09 AM

Ok well i cant see how to change my server over from WoL to XCC i need to know the new settings any help would be appreciated thanks guys :)