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computer too fast?

27 August 2006 - 03:55 PM

just got a new comp, and i was playing on teh nick xxiraqexx, lets me start the games online, but after about 1 minute about when i deploy my ore refinery, my buildings jsut blow up and say you have lost, so if anyone knows why, please help

afghan recon error[rebanned]

01 June 2006 - 08:37 PM

hmm i didnt take an ss bc i didnt expect to get reconned.. but clearly it wasn tme.. why woudl i do this w/ 0 points. i owned him on lbl.. if this isnt enough to prove, i suggest having someone play him to see what happens when he loses

afghan vs. bananacan
Scenario: mp08t2
Game Duration: 5:39 minutes
Type: Player tournament
afghan's point change: +0
bananacan's point change: +0

Match details
afghan Result: Lost
Points: 280
Record: 13/0
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 6/22/5
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 0/13/9
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 16/8/3
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 0/0/0

bananacan Result: Lost
Points: 0
Record: 0/0
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 14/23/14
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 2/9/5
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 3/18/0
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 0/0/0

vh41de maphack[proven in other report][PR][rebanned]

12 April 2006 - 07:49 AM

quick match, map dc uprising. vh41de doesnt scout at all in beggining of game and instantly goes to airport tech w/ engi in capture mode. airforce drops on my mine fields unscouted. frame 6064 unscouted tank attack on my battle lab.

vh41de Result: Won
Points: 479
Record: 17/2
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 26/96/74
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 7/35/33
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 68/100/54
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 1/9/1

bananacan Result: Lost
Points: 322
Record: 13/4
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 15/41/0
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 8/11/0
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 54/71/0
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 0/10/0

terryoc68 MAPHACK

07 April 2006 - 06:26 AM

tourney map b quickmatch

thought he was mapping because at begginning of game he sent a dog straight to the hut where my gems were and filled it w/ gi's, he makes it look like he doesnt map, but during the xgs late in the game i foudn his engineers go into capture mode to an unscouted derrick. 2 pics of it.

terryoc68 Result: Won
Points: 304
Record: 43/34
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 39/46/7
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 9/28/22
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 44/95/22
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 1/43/4

bananacan Result: Lost
Points: 208
Record: 7/1
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 34/52/0
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 10/16/0
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 65/50/0
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 29/2/0

n1212121 MAPHACK

26 March 2006 - 08:12 AM

map depth charge, quickmatch, frame 980 sends engineers straight to middle island, deploys and sends dog straight to top 3 oil derricks. frame 1450 sends paratroopers straight to my base island completely unscouted. around frame 2800 sends engineer straight to bottom left oil derrick completely unscouted. around frame 3500.. my unscouted naval base gets attacked.
if pics arent enough, just watching the replay should confirm the blatant map hack

bananacan Result: Lost
Points: 299
Record: 12/3
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 15/39/0
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 0/21/0
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 116/52/0
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 121/0/0

n1212121 Result: Won
Points: 500
Record: 99/85
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 19/89/71
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 9/29/37
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 26/172/60
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 0/172/