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In Topic: Can someone post a final Points tally of the top10

08 February 2006 - 06:48 AM

lol now riz is accusing me of faking an ss.
get a life ffs.

In Topic: Can someone post a final Points tally of the top10

08 February 2006 - 06:45 AM

omfg riz, i knew about the new implementation of the system, but i had NO IDEA it had to be within 10 minutes and i had NO IDEA where to post it or that it had to be within a certain size for it to be posted successfully.

if there is no upload limit then why would it freeze until i resized it?
"Now you know so next time you should be able to take a SS of the admin page and post within 10 mins of the game ending."

well next time doesn't help my cause for janarys HOF does it?

And don't claim that i should know the rules because this is not a rule for playing on the server. You failed to let me know what the rules were and i beleive you didn't provide enough help. and you know the system is flawed. you cant just implement the system and expect everyone to just automatically know the in's and out's of it.

In Topic: Can someone post a final Points tally of the top10

08 February 2006 - 03:30 AM

lol i've just read another topic saying that my nick 'Australia' didnt get into the top 10 because i was 4 minutes late posting a reply SS to admin.

This system is so stupid lol.
It was the first time i've been through the process, and because i didnt have admin in the SS im banned.

They asked me for the SS at the start of a game on DMZ vs showtime. I replied immediately saying 'kk' and it even had ">admin: KK" showing that i was replying to the Admins request.
So i have a 30 minute game, then i try and post the SS and the page freezes everytime i try and post it. So i sretch/skewed it to make it smaller after 5 attempts. It finally works, and then i am told it's been refused. No reason as to why it's been refused.
So now i dont get into the HOF because of this ****.

How ridiculous is this system? I haven't been through the process before. There were no instructions in the page telling me that i had to have the admins original page in the SS.
I follow all the rules, i post an SS which had proof it was from the game the Admin paged me, with no instruction on how to do it properly, and now im out of the HOF.

How are people supposed to know exactly what to do in this situation when it's the first time theyve been through it?
What am i supposed to do when i try and load it? there is no size recommendation for how big the pictures should be.
then no one even bothers to tell me that im banned and i keep playing wasting more time.

utter **** olaf and don,
complete and utter ****.

In Topic: showtime fogger

30 January 2006 - 05:28 AM

Referring to earlier topic:
I got a manual which every cheater use:

1. First the they say im no cheater, ur just mad cause i owned u, gg nor re newb.
2. I don't have to give u ss, im innocent until its proven im a cheat.....
3. I will give all ss but not u cause u ****es me of or something like that.
4. Ur a nerd, ur a ****ing pathetic kid (starting getting angry) their busted.
5. They never will post a ss to any1 else either.

They also might say they give ss but they don't.


I don't post SS's. It's a waste of time, it can't be used to prove cheating, XGS is the only thing that can be used, why should i bother taking 5 minutes of my time for some nerd i've never met who's swearing at me saying im a mappet blah blah. Give him the satisfaction of getting me to post an ss coz he's **** off?
If someone asks me politely then i might do it depending on what mood im in, but when some noobie has no reason other than the fact that he is getting owned then they can go blow a goat.
The only time i'll definately post an ss is when the admin pages and asks for one because i think they ban you if you dont.
serves you right your engie got owned now go learn how to use TC and build orders.
showtime doesnt map. end of story.

In Topic: it saddens me...

26 January 2006 - 07:48 AM

'model ra2 player' ROFL what a freaking nerd ffs.