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In Topic: Allen - Strategst - Warfare - QMJunkie

19 May 2007 - 06:30 AM

Using Yuri is a perfectly legitimate option if you think Sovs are boring. Comeon, 90% of oldschool wol's top 10 were Yuri players. Yuri is very fun to play as, and once you get experienced with the side it's a blast; you find yourself winning much more than losing hence it's precisely why yuri is such a fine choice when you want to win : great ability for comebacks ( especially against a sov player )  and a strong impenetrable early-mid game. Yuri is counterable, some people carry the notion that a good yuri player is impossible to beat, but alot of maps really aren't in full favor of yuri.

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In Topic: yuri's revenge VS. RA2

09 March 2007 - 11:51 PM

Not at all  :)
You beat me 1 time on SP because of your massive lag , but that was like 8 or more months ago. If you like we can play clanners 1v1 You on -eco- me -sony-
I don't really care if lose anymore i don't play this game like i used to, no motivation and i only play it out of boredom. I already proved my skills when i played regulary on ra2 6 months ago  and played  vs top players and beat them ;)

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8 months ago? well that alot to remeber :confused1: but anyway, you obviously havnt played me recently, i use another comp now which doesnt lag. I belive i have told you many times, but maybe you keep forgetting.

i think i remember a luke he was decent but if i recall right i usually always won in qm vs him. was he always a allies player?

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nah, im always iraq, the luke you're talking about is s4ndstorm i believe.

In Topic: yuri's revenge VS. RA2

09 March 2007 - 05:20 AM

Laugh... out.... Loud.........

and who might your "brother" be who rams me EVERY time he plays me?.. Now considering no one has ever "rammed" me everytime they play me i'd like to know what bs your spitting : ) do speak up plz.

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I pounded you, but without janruary's stats, these are empty comments. I only clanned in Feb, and i dont intend on playing from march on, but things happen

LOL, no offensive but luke sucks :) and dan wasn't all that good either :p just good in 2on2's.
He tried one time... and at 1st he beat your **** YR like 3-1 then next day he lost to you because you're a camping noob so he left YR.  Funny how your lies always come out in ur post... "he tried 2 times, 3 times he failed" LOL

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You just dont like. I beat you too many times for this quote to be accepted.

In Topic: Face d0wn Allied VS S0vs

22 February 2007 - 05:07 AM

make aircorce b4 war, then make 2nd ref, make a tower a few GGI and GI, and then a few rockeys. This should give to time to camp and tech up.

If your sovs versin allies just mass rush with connys or get a radar then make 3 v3's and cuple flak tracks and just slowly wear him back

In Topic: Jeff - Justin - Once again cheating

16 February 2007 - 08:44 AM

CNC3 online will suck imo.

Lets hope im wrong!