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QM maps with 'lame' spots

06 February 2016 - 12:58 PM

Okay so I'm enjoying QM'ing again recently, however I feel far too often that certain position play a deciding role in the outcome of a series. I don't usually moan about positions or any map for that matter, however recently there has been an influx of dodgy games where you feel like you've basically lost before you start. Now in this day and age of Ra2 we have remakes of most of the maps in question. So why on earth aren't these lame spots just put to bed for good? We could so easily replace them with the 'fair' versions of them. Just to name a few.


Heartland replace with BL vs TR

Paris replace with Paris BL v TR

SP replace with TL vs BR

Snow Valley replace with TL vs BR

DC Uprising replace with BL vs TR (although still unfair, it would be a huge improvement to getting that BR spot vs TR..)
Dry Heat replace with TvB (L's miner takes so damn long to get money early game, it's near impossible, really)


Now those are really all I can think of from the top of my head, however I have been burned by them enough times recently to clearly remember the games. This is merely a suggestion at the end of the day, but i'm sure a lot would agree losing your points to a lame spot just sucks, especially if a deciding game. It would be such an easy change to make..please consider :)








japkar44 Build anywhere Hack + Map Hack ^*Proven*^[BT32]

05 December 2015 - 07:26 PM



GID    Player A    Player B    Duration    Scenario    Date    FPS    C    S    T
2976    Libya    l3l    DC    +14    Iraq    japkar44    DC    -14    06:11    Little Big Lake    19:18 05-12-2015    32            P
     japkar44    killed    bought    left    captured
    units    3    15    5
    buildings    1    18    7    0
    infantry    4    15    2
    planes    0    0    0
     l3l    killed    bought    left    captured
    units    7    17    11
    buildings    6    15    9    0
    infantry    13    8    4
    planes    0    0    0


Used build anywhere hack to build in my base and attempt to Engi. :/

Question regarding YR

15 December 2014 - 10:20 PM

This is just a question I have wondered about for a while, but never bothered to get an answer to due to never playing YR. When a Sov player techs up and builds an Industrial Plant, there is a reduction in cost for all units, correct? Now let's say i'm in game and decide to fast tech and build an Industrial Plant. Upon building this, the price of a Rhino goes down (I'm not sure to what price), does the build time get reduced to match? Would I be making Rhino's faster, with only 1 War Fac after placing the Indus Plant, than before? I only ask this as I always assumed that the time it takes to build a unit is based on it's price, until multiple buildings are produced, at least.


Hope someone can answer this, i'm certain someone will know ;D





Goodlong Recon Error

05 November 2013 - 01:15 PM

GID    Player A    Player B    Duration    Scenario    Date    FPS    C    S    T
6943    Cuba    ecotank    W        Iraq    goodlong    W        01:13    Official Tournament Map A    13:12 05-11-2013    51        S    P
ecotank    killed    bought    left    captured
units    0    2    1
buildings    0    6    4    0
infantry    0    5    0
planes    0    0    0
goodlong    killed    bought    left    captured
units    0    2    1
buildings    0    7    9    3
infantry    5    8    7
planes    0    0    0





Latof reconn error

18 October 2013 - 03:20 PM

We played a series, was 2-2 and in final game I just won tank fight and, he had nothing left and was selling buildings when reconnection error popped up. Do I get FW? :p


GID Player A Player B Duration Scenario Date FPS C S T 18856 arbi.pngeziz W   arbi.pngpiayinbad W   04:32 Montana DMZ 16:14 18-10-2013 57   S P eziz killed bought left captured units 13 26 6 buildings 0 17 4 3 infantry 19 57 38 planes 0 3 1 piayinbad killed bought left captured units 17 28 15 buildings 1 14 12 2 infantry 18 25 6 planes 0 0 0




EDIT: FW given! Thanks.


GID Player A Player B Duration Scenario Date FPS C S T 18861 arbi.pngpiayinbad W +25 arbi.pngeziz L -25 08 Montana DMZ 16:19 18-10-2013 47     P eziz killed bought left captured units 0 1 0 buildings 0 1 0 0 infantry 0 0 0 planes 0 0 0 piayinbad killed bought left captured units 0 1 0 buildings 0 2 1 0 infantry 0 0 0 planes 0 0 0