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Thankyou Olaf

02 August 2012 - 12:05 PM


Putting me in the warning group for saying something in the lines of 'if you warn me for saying 'blowjob' you should ban this kid it would only be in proportion' is in my eyes so lame. And it's not the first warning I get for something I don't agree on. What do you think the result is of giving people warnings over such small things? It just pisses them off and provokes them to go even further. Next time someone else posts something you don't like please think of just removing the post instead of just giving them a warning.

I had a great time here but you often ruined it warnings for small things like this. This is my last post here I guess, don't feel like coming here anymore.

I expect you to ban me for this very 'inappropriate' post. Just make it a long one plz, don't want to come back atm anyway so let go of yourself. Go on a nice power trip and enjoy it. :) Just try to be nice to other people in the future.

Is this miner bug?

23 July 2012 - 05:01 PM

Just played against formation and noticed my miners stopped mining a few times so I taped it.

If it is miner big I might report.

BelowYOU dodging permament ban

12 January 2012 - 06:43 PM

As hinted by this topic http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/171798-nvm/ (guy decided to edit out his post after a few minutes in favour of the cheater), I'll try to quote:

a simple IPA-check should reveal that
player BelowYOU http://xwis.net/ra2/players/belowyou/ (created 4 days ago)
is dodging his permanent ban again http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/171573-squig-limelight-ninkovich-weakfu-brent/
furthermore it is believed that an ISP-ban could stop the cheater from coming back.

On another note, it could perhaps be considered taking away the original reporters editing privilege as to prevent such abuse in the future.
Rather funny, denying his post: http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/171299-timelimit-fog-hack-discussion/page__st__135__p__1473854#entry1473854

Kind regards,

shifting / Maphack[BT32-12-01-2012]

16 November 2011 - 07:47 PM

XGS-Frame 490: Miner ordered to harvest unscouted gems after being ordered away from the nearby ore patch it initially went to harvest on.

XGS screenshots and replay are attached. This is done by courtesy in regard to this topic: http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/171115-player-shifting-idontlie/

Tom's (dinglebry) reply is warmly hoped-for, an eventual /r/dpl screenshots he may provide desired.

GID Player A Player B Duration Scenario Date FPS C S T
25920 Iraq shifting W +37 America dinglebry L -37 07:32 Hammer and Sickle 21:18 14-11-2011 49 P
dinglebry killed bought left captured
units 11 34 0
buildings 2 17 0 0
infantry 8 40 0
planes 0 7 0
shifting killed bought left captured
units 21 42 27
buildings 5 20 12 0
infantry 30 9 1
planes 1 2 2

Please excuse the quality of the pictures.

Kind retards,
Community :) from Community-Land on 11/14/2011

p3achy - possible maphack

23 August 2011 - 02:05 PM


I am posting this report in reference to this report posted by the user "Peachy" on the 21st of August 2011. The report has not yet been edited.

I have noticed a potential map reveal by the reporter at XGS frame 1717, see below:
Attached File  p3achy.jpg   665.35KB   240 downloads

The engineer switches into capture mode for 4 frames before it is killed. It seems to me that the only feasible capture target would have been the battle lab in the nearby base, which due to the small scouting range of both amphibious transporter and the engineer has very unlikely been revealed.
It may be a close call and I also would not expel the possibility of an error in XGS, however it would be greatly appreciated if you would verify this.

Though, I may be totally wrong due to my lack of experience with XGS. In which case I sincerely apologize for the accusation of said user,

yours sincerely,

P. S.: I have re-uploaded the original XGS file.