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In Topic: How do I retrieve my bought serial?

28 December 2017 - 01:40 PM

I sent you a PM. Let's sort this out.

In Topic: Xwis has it all. Yet fails against CnCNet

19 March 2017 - 04:40 PM

These topics are always a fun read.


We (CnCNet) don't have a ladder because we don't have active developers who actually want to spend a lot of time on that. Most devs just want to improve the games or clients which is also an important thing. If you can find developers who can fix up a decent ladder that integrates well with the clients, we're all ears.


Olaf is the only person who can make a merge happen. As long as he doesn't actively want to do it - no dice. As long as there's no way to validate keys on CnCNet - no cd-key check. It's definitely in the gray area what CnCNet is doing but as long as EA doesn't care either way it's always a win for the community as it allows people to continue and experiment with the games which helps keep them alive in the long run. There's really nothing else XWIS has that can't be replicated anywhere else than checking cd-keys.


As things are shifting to "our" side there's less need for us to merge when we already have the majority of players so it's becoming a question why we should bother to deal with this mess anymore? Just sayin'.


Me? I don't do anything else than make sure our servers are running and watch everything else burn. I've been done with C&C for a few years now. Reading this thread is watching things burn and I like throwing more gasoline on the fire. I'm fun at parties.

In Topic: Could we work with other servers?

22 September 2015 - 12:15 PM

Whatever is posted on Facebook [about C&C games] don't count as illegal however you look at it unless it's linking to pirated content. If someone is posting on some RA2/YR page on Facebook stuff about CnCNet, that's between you and them if you take insult from that. If someone is using your or whoever's Facebook page to spread false information, you should take better care of who has access to it, don't you think? The CnCNet Facebook page is the official one and although we embrace the release I didn't see anything very wrong with any of the recent posts. I don't do Facebook so don't keep me accountable of what happens there.


^- I don't know who I am talking to, YMMV


Also let me be clear, the merger topic is dead, no use reviving that discussion. You can look it up from somewhere (here on XWIS) if you're interested in the details.


What comes to EA against CnCNet, that'd be interesting to find out what they think of our work! Keep me in the loop.


As a footnote, I personally acknowledge XWIS as the official, EA supported server and I don't think there's any misunderstanding about that.

In Topic: CNCNET and STRIKE-TEAM.net Merger?

28 March 2015 - 05:23 PM

The current design of CnCNet (by yours truly) is very resisting to denial of service attacks (yes you can break it if you want right now but that's besides the point) or server downtimes as it can run on a general purpose IRC network, any IRC network.


To whoever is currently attacking CnCNet: I wasn't kidding, the clients will connect to Freenode and have done so now.

In Topic: CNCNET and STRIKE-TEAM.net Merger?

27 March 2015 - 07:17 PM

Management Hifi has suggested for "Olaf to take it all" which is... wow, for a lack of a better description. But how will the CnCNet staff/players react to this? And if it's the other way around, how would XWIS staff/players feel about Hifi? Can they both be the owners and have equal status and control? Can they work together without too many disagreements?


There's no place for me in this. I don't have the enthusiasm anymore to run CnCNet as I have done everything I would not have ever even dreamt of and even beyond with the help of everyone involved. As far as I'm concerned "CnCNet is done", it only needs polishing and cleaning up from deeply technical aspect. We got inside the games to do anything we want to, that's pretty amazing. Cleaning up could mean "universal client", documenting our game patches better, organizing everything into GitHub, stuff like that.


My role in a merge would be to organize everything so that someone can be taught in how current CnCNet works and pass the torch. I'd prefer there would be someone (preferrably more of course) to take control who'd at least have the Linux administration knowledge required to keep things running and properly backed up. Having someone like me who doesn't - a) play [never have actually] b) code anything anymore and c) have the mojo - in control would hinder the development and innovation. My lack of motivation has already caused issues within as people expect me to be more in control rather than be a persistent spectator.


Though, if required I will take CnCNet to my grave. It will not die because I lost interest, it will be a tragic bus accident or something along those lines. That's also one of the big problems we have. That one incident would cut off the payments to our servers, it would mean we lose the domain. If we don't organize properly it would also possibly mean that the remains of CnCNet would be irrecoverable. This is what I'd would like to avoid in a merge where there will be more people around to take shared responsibilities.


Because I also believe that our work must be free for the players and preferrably open source where possible so that even if this tragic bus accident happens there would be a starting point to rise from the ashes. The current design of CnCNet (by yours truly) is very resisting to denial of service attacks (yes you can break it if you want right now but that's besides the point) or server downtimes as it can run on a general purpose IRC network, any IRC network. We currently run on two standard IRC servers but it also means that if CnCNet would disappear from the internet right now the client could be used to play online games forever elsewhere. In my ideal view of CnCNet we don't host anything except the client. Isn't it interesting that it would be practically impossible to attack the network as a whole and people could keep playing even in the worst of situations? There are probably thousands of open IRC servers and hundreds of network in existence and any on of them could host CnCNet indirectly.


Of course in the current setup CnCNet runs on our own servers so we can keep everyone together and provide statistics and later authentication, ladders and all that, but even if the whole world explodes you will still have basic gameplay as long as there's one IRC server around and you have the client. That is the true power of CnCNet 5.


CnCNet has been the most exciting and successful project I've ever been part of and I deeply appreciate everyone who has been pushing it forward to new levels each year.


I don't know why this post went like this but I hope it brings some insight into how CnCNet operates. Or something...