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In Topic: lets play 1 on 1 tourny

15 December 2017 - 07:45 AM


frank no1 can take your opinion seriously bro...you cant even play more then one game before you head for the mountains! gg no re



In Topic: my official quit

08 October 2017 - 07:20 AM

Lemme congratulate you by taking this good decision , a server with limited players where pifpaf is included and some other disgusted admins is just wasting your life (if you can feed cows or even dogs it's better than playing this)  so the big challenge for you now is NOT even thinking to get back anymore.

just a little piece of advice buddy.


jeen's town 


P.S. Any admin who can see this post , please do me a favor and permanent ban my 3 accounts , I'm no longer interested even to observe the website itself.  


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27 September 2017 - 09:43 PM

that wasn't directed towards you, however I can see where you thought that the way I edited the post, disregard and hopefully we'll see you on cncnet qm

it's not a bad system set up, the point system is designed to encourage less skilled players to play as many games as possible and not be focused just on winning games (to better help vs bailing)


I don't see it in the near future, it's not really something I get into with the staff, they work hard on YR, Ra1, TS, and CnC95. they have said if someone is willing to put in the man hours to do it they wouldn't mind, but I doubt it will happen in the future because the people who want ra2 so much either have no time to set up ra2 to cncnet  or the skill to do the programming. fortunate for me I actually liked YR back in early XWIS and WOL days so it has been fine for me, plus I actually enjoy cncnet a lot more with discord and other features it has made for a better gaming experience with ra2/yr then ive had in a while. my suggestion is give it a shot one time, most hardcore ra2 players will eventually move to YR once ra2 closes, lets be honest here XD


a few months ago, I'd like you to find a post from a few months ago me saying that......since ive been majority cncnet for the past 5 months or so and only come to xwis every once in a while.


while it is true that xwis qm hit 1000pts the other month, take in the factor of why that happened.....people that normally didn't play or don't play, did that month.


experience with xwis in the last few months have been pathetic to say the least. you know when its the 27th of the month, rank 1 is barely cracked the 600 pts mark, and instead of actually playing on that nick they would rather use another pointless nick with 300 pts to preserve their pts on a higher nick / plus the utter nonsense of the 5 people who actually play anymore. problem I see and have seen for a long time, xwis and st didn't kill xwis ra2, the players did. and the same one crying bitch about it are the worst culprits.


I will say I guess the whole getting rank 1 thing has never meant a lot to me since ive been there done that and I can understand the excitement of some players and that's why they do it. however when youre fishing the bottom of the barrel for that rank 1 what does it really mean anymore. all I can envision is someone is thinking in the back of their mind "hey in sept 2017 I was #1 out of 5 good players, I kick ass" there really no more bragging rights that come along with rank 1 and the total disregard for gg's anymore has diminished any aspect of playing for a ranking system on this server imho, I'm sure others have a different opinion and that is fine.


but i'll say this, some of the pro's that where on xwis didn't quit this game, they are on cncnet due to this same exact reason I stated.


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27 September 2017 - 06:48 PM



3 month ago I didnt evin play


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27 September 2017 - 06:18 PM

im a tester for it, I play cncnet normally... and have played on ladder there for a few months (all testing months) qm client was recently released and it should be fully operational for all in the next month or so.

awww, sorry to hurt your feelings......


he said cncnet doesn't have qm or ladder, I let him know it does, it was an answer to him not you, if your upset about the death of xwis, take that to your admin in chief.

if you go to cncnet forums, ask grant to apply to be a tester, activity is limited to testers atm so it's not popping with activity until its fully released.

and paf, also stfu about "this is about xwis ra2" like 3 months ago you wouldn't stop spamming some failed site and server ladder here, at least cncnet is a proven server.