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In Topic: "airatac1" all build cheat? // Replay //[TBI]

20 June 2003 - 01:25 AM

Unfortunatly we only accept replays (+ SS) as proof of maphacking

Well, i'm not accusing him of MH. :(

but its not proof. I know it is very unlikely but it is not impossible that a person could have been slow building for some reason, etc etc.

It's not the fact he was slow building, w/e that is...it's the simple fact he made a war factory before a refinery.

We need to see his actual build order as proof and we can only see that in a replay.
I hope this makes sense

Yes, it does make sense unfortunately for me. :( I just wanted the negative points taken off my record and not pts returned. :( :( I'd be happy with that, if it was just a 0 pt game. But, yes I suppose the only TRUE way of proving this is with XGS. Unfortunately again, I have got out of my good habit of turning it on before i go online. Won't happen again. ;)

Btw Don, why does this site seem to load so slow? I have a good connection (DSL) and CS really "pops" the pages up. Loads really slow here though. Just some FYI. Another thing, what's your MSN?

In Topic: DaRkRiNo Mapper

19 June 2003 - 11:19 AM

Perhaps you need a new clan ehh nova? :rolleyes:

In Topic: "airatac1" all build cheat? // Replay //[TBI]

19 June 2003 - 11:17 AM

When did you change ur post? I don't have a replay. :( Look @ ss1 you see i'm only half way through my war build....and you know (if you play ra2) that sovs get that war down a bit faster than allies.

In Topic: "akinomoto" Recon

19 June 2003 - 03:38 AM

Sync file for DL...don't wanna spam ya with a copy/paste. :p

In Topic: "akinomoto" Recon

19 June 2003 - 03:36 AM

akinomoto killed bought left captured
units 4 16 3
buildings 1 16 14 3
infantry 3 14 6
planes 0 0 0

cr0n0des0 killed bought left captured
units 10 19 12
buildings 4 12 13 3
infantry 5 25 19
planes 0 1 0