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Build anywhere Maps Mode

21 February 2014 - 09:35 PM

Is it possible to add a build anywhere map mode in ra2?like ffa, battle, and others.

no one will cheat after they have this option available .:DDD

bcz every time u ban a cheater, xwis lose many games .its truth many cheaters and noobs play more games then others.


Red Alert 2 Starland 2 The Reign Of Cruzer (19/2/14)

17 February 2014 - 04:13 PM

This is Starland 2 with 8 Cities.One of major city is Greenland and winner of Starland will get that city next time.This city have 5 Towns and all other have 3 only.This is very clear advantage for winner of 1 Starland in next Starland.
If winner of Starland is not available next time, we will start with out him and 7 Generals.One of them who will beat other 6 will consider as new President of Starland next time.
Players are known as Generals in Starland and each spot is known as Town.
If someone will win 1 game, he will get 1 Town of loser.Every one have right to play all players on his border.If a player will lose 2 or 3 Towns then he can stop playing more bcz he will play other opponents.
If someone will not show his interest in playing then we can remove him from Starland any time and add some other.
There are fix 10 days in Starland 2 and all players must finish their matches before it or some one with more Towns will consider as winner.We can increase limit of days if someone dont have clear advantage bwfore 10th day of Starland 2.
All game rules are too simple and every one know them.No cheating, bugs, use of bad words.There must b a observer.Players can choose any map they agree but default map is Tour Of Egypt.
We will make our own Starland 1v1 maps soon in near future.Players must play on those maps.Or its possible we will choose some Ra2 and Xwis maps as official Starland maps and players will not play on any other map.


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Red Alert 2 Starland 1 Battles For Greenland (7/2/14)

07 February 2014 - 09:03 AM

Attached File  Default Map Of Starland.png   86.92KB   0 downloads


This is a new type of Tournament with a new created Country Starland.This is 1st season where 8 players will fight to become 1st President of Starland and each player will get 3 Towns.There will be only 1 winner who will capture all Towns on map.Winner of Season 1 will consider as 1st President Of Starland and he will get 5 Towns next time and main city Greenland.All other 7 players will get 3 Towns as Season 1.Each player can only play against those players who are near his Towns and all players must finish their matches as fast as they can.If someone will not show his interest then we have right to remove him from Starland map.There will be a new map next time with 1 main City of Greenland with 5 Towns and 7 small Cities with 3 Towns each.If winner of this season is not available next time, it will consider as 7 players Starland with no one in Greenland.

All rules are simple as other Tournaments of No cheating, hacking, bugs etc.There will be 1 observer every time.There is no Sign Up.Players can play with any one near their Towns but they must save detail of their matches like 
If Ykattan will attack on someone Town and win, he must remeber name of that Town.
If a player will lose a game, he will lose his Town to winner of that match.This process will complete when 1 player will conquer whole map.
Both players can choose any map they agree on but 
Default Map is "Tour Of Egypt" and there is no 2nd match .Its 1 match 1 Town System.There is no bo5 or bo3 etc.

You can ask any question under this Topic....


Default Map Of Starland:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/k4xzc ... review.png
http://www.mediafire.com/view/k4xzc7np6 ... review.png


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Why I Cant play on xwis

12 July 2013 - 03:07 PM

idk wtf is happening on xwis these days.

i downloaded this game from xwis with ss patch.

i cant connect to other players in game.i try my best to play this game more then 10 times in last few days.

some time i connect with others & someone i cant connect.



last day

i played a game & lose but it dont show any stat on site?my opponent dont care about win or lose .but if he do, he can consider me cheater.idk why it happen?