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02 February 2005 - 07:46 PM


fast naval + turtle = gg.

In Topic: Mirages vs Rhino, the ultimate battle

01 February 2005 - 05:41 PM

Beating him as sovs and slapping him when hes allies dont mean anything.... :blink:

Try as allieds :blink:

In Topic: Mirages vs Rhino, the ultimate battle

01 February 2005 - 12:05 AM

yes chrono, but what seperates new player allies from pro allies is how they unleash that tactic. ;)

and veg, i thought he doesnt play... =| thats why im talkin in past tense.

In Topic: Mirages vs Rhino, the ultimate battle

31 January 2005 - 05:31 PM

Mirage >>> Rhino
Deso >>> Mirage



Rhino > Mirage.

I tested this in waypoints and the rhino won at its last shot as he had like 1-5% HP left.

And Moving Mirages can own moving rhinos by ctrl+shft, only if they face properly and properly in formation. You want mirages move like a convexed vertical line heading towards horizontal line of rhinos.

w0nna knows best all listen to him  he wonz.

Rofl, no... :ph34r:

na he hasnt got best allies veg does

And still rofl, no... Acidtank, and ir0n had best allies... def in top 5 allieds... they'd slap veg silly, which i think they did... and i even had better allies than veg back in my days.

Anyways, i never go mirages vs Sovs... But i always lab cuz once i do, i make an attempt to spy. But when u do this, u need to distract him...

Here's my tactic... I build an army grizz... i harrass from start... try to avoid rhinos... in other words, hit n run... then when i get afc, i get harriers and rocks... i get 3 rocks, if an ore map... and i number them 1, 2, 3, and split them up as i attack... this creates more attack opportunities, and forces the opponent to fall back severely cuz he'll need 3 flaks to attack 3 seperated rocks... thus stopping his tank flow... making me like 3-4 grizz ahead... as hes busy, he wont notice im tryin to tech... But once he's busy with my rockies... thats my cue... i send harriers to harrass the unprotected rhinos. he wont really see it comin as hes tryin to watch all 3 rocks moving all over his base and harrassing. Once i tech, i try to do tank splits, and try to lure him away from a certain warf... (the one you want to spy in. ;) )
It's very simple... just dont *generally* use mirages vs sov unless its not iraq. ;)

In Topic: BO for Lake Blitzen

31 January 2005 - 02:41 PM

yes, cuz 1 miner at ore = 1000 each income.
And 1 miner at gem once mcv has been moved = 2000 each income
(optional step= move the 1st miner to gem patch as w0nna said... another 2000 income)
2 derricks = 1000 each income timed at speed of miner harvest and dump.
1 derrick = 500 and etc...

thats roughly about 4 miners being used at a ore patch (4500 in income)

but with optional step, about roughly 5 miners at ore patch being used for 5500 as income... so definitely... it supports u.