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have a look at this

23 July 2003 - 10:15 AM


hi , have you look at this?

21 July 2003 - 07:18 AM

bla bla .com now supports the efforts of the a NEW Reset Team in keeping the Westwood ladder free of cheaters.

In order to have cheaters RESET, the burden of PROOF is on YOU. We need screenshots of the cheater and the cheat they used and a sync file in case of the dreaded reconnection error.

We no longer support the XCL Ladder for a number of reasons.

1. You have to use a addon program to participate in the XCL ladder - the MF does not work for many people and does NOT work reliably for others, eliminating alot of HONEST people from the XCL.

2. The XCL ladder sends your online name, game serial, and password to servers other then Westwoods.

3. After many discussions with Don where I offered countless hours of help because I was unemployed and had the time to give, I was told because of some members I allowed to visit OUR forum that my help was NOT wanted. These same members are on HG, MG, Om3rta, BA and other forums the ST uses to accecpt cheat reports. Quote from Don "well they do not use their names on our forums". My responce back: "Is it not easier to keep track of someone when you do not make them hide?"

It is also my beleif that anyone so arrogant does NOT deserve my help and I will now help to bring down their ladder. The XCL ladder will not be of much use if Om3rta clan is the only clan participating.

TO ALL XCL USERS, have fun buying the game again when Olaf's server gets hacked.
Before you say Olaf's server can't/won't get hacked, remember alot bigger and more secure servers then Olaf's have been hacked and if your information gets leaked out you will need a NEW game to even participate in a For Fun Game

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hi xcl

20 July 2003 - 02:54 AM

hi , do xcl have a clan for ra2 ?

if not i was going to do 1 any 1 wnated to join ?

get me on msn : killer_Gen@hotmail.com

hey j/w

15 July 2003 - 04:07 AM

hey guys , j/w you know you get prizes for be rank 1 and so on

why not you do it the top 10 players this be nice :S

clan rank 19 d/c me[no proof]

14 July 2003 - 03:48 AM