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High resolutie quick match ra2

08 October 2005 - 08:42 AM

How can i change the usual resolutie?



ss for newbpro

18 July 2004 - 01:27 PM

Sorry for the engie eating thing. I was scouting and I saw your engie walking around without a dog :D.

Anyway here it is


I have some free time and...

16 May 2004 - 09:23 PM

I have some free time (tuesday) and I was wondering are there some ppl here who want to play some ffg's on YURI.

I am in for some 3 vs 3 games on bridging the gap(with sups) or sedownage (ffa with sups) or heck freezes over (land rush with no stay in the middle and unit 0).

Whos in ? I need players who can play more than 2 hours :D

I am also willing to help some of the newer ppl here. I am not that good anymore but I know the basics.

Post here or msg me de_wit_otto@hotmail.com this thread is specially aimed to --ba-- and om3rta (doncarlo) but everyone can join.

I am trying to hook up with some of the oldschool ppl like forsy,comi,miami etc.
Well post here if you have time and when exactly you have time.

Tottie :help:


18 April 2004 - 03:32 PM

I have more if you want dont talk **** if I drone one of your tanks

I wrote an email to Ea...

21 January 2004 - 05:31 PM

There are some mistakes in but whateva here it is :

Van : EA Technical Support <technicalsupport@support.ea.com>
Antwoorden aan : EA Technical Support <technicalsupport@support.ea.com>
Verzonden : dinsdag 20 januari 2004 15:06:08
Aan : de_wit_otto@hotmail.com
Onderwerp : EA Game Support Message [Incident: 040120-000604]

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Your question has been received. You should expect a response from us
within 24 hours.

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also update this incident by email, but you MUST enter your reply in
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Discussion Thread
Customer - 01/20/2004 08:05 AM
Hello ea
I cant login on the usa server but my friends can. I can login on the euro but i
want to play on the usa server because there are more ppl on the usa and the
euro server kinda empty. I heard about a rumour that delphi and old westwood
employe banned my isp(internet server provider) adres because it was the same
isp as a well known ladderhacker called ali. I think its good to bann everyone
who has the same isp. By the way ali is now playing generals and he is not
active on ra2 anymore. I want to ask ea for considering me to unban.

Also i know that you ppl are very busy with trying to support the newer cnc
titles but ra2 and yuri are also very good game but they dont get support. I
would like to ask you to support the older games to or maybe there is a better
alternatieve which i will describe in the next alinea.

Because of the lack of support some of the people made a new server called xwis
with support and prices and a good ladder where cheaters get banned. The new
server has support from the ea department in germany they gave away some prices.
But i want to ask the fully ea company to support xwis. Maybe you can reconnect
peoplw who are using wol to xwis so you dont have the support issues about the
older cnc titles. We have a lack at players on the new server so you will help
us too. You dont have to do expensive technical repairing to the server because
olaf and don will take over it (olaf and don are the owners of xwis ) Consider
this please and take a look to www.strike-team.net.

I will give you my details about my internet server etc.

My isp adres/domain name :cp195658-a.tilbu1.nb.home.nl
My ip

Sincerly Otto de Wit