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In Topic: May 2016 Hall of Fame

25 July 2016 - 03:06 AM

Are you not a proven cheater on this server?

In Topic: [AuF]5LLeL

08 July 2016 - 10:08 PM

I would love a screenshot of that, and before you reply, here is my reply to you. Thought so. :)

In Topic: Auto SS/HOF

10 October 2015 - 03:11 PM

Why do you presume there is a simple one-size-fits-all solution? Of course players are responsible for troubleshooting their individual situations. You've been offered help multiple times but you refuse, I don't think you're really interested in playing @ xwis. 

It is not presumptuous to be of the opinion that troubleshooting should be more of an exception than a rule. If you look in the private forum, then you will see that I tested some of the first solutions, which I admit were successful; however, the resultant game play was undesirable, even after attempting many other solutions littered across this forum. If I was not interested, then I would not have even bother making my original inquiry. Since I can remember, activity has been the primary goal here. In my opinion, the ladder is just inflated with competitors, for lack of a better word, since they are not truly competing for anything. In effect, players with the correct version will only reap the benefit until those others realize there is no point and turn to non-ranked games. Moreover, if ranked games is their only motivation to choose XWIS, as in my case, they will simply choose the place where the most non-ranked games are offered. Having said that, if a working ladder is the only advantage XWIS has to offer, then one would think you all would capitalize on that.


QM and HoF are two different things.. You are allowed to QM all you want.

You're welcome to solve the W8/W10 problems RA2 & YR are having. ;)

Quick matches without the benefit of ranking are called fun games, available in the lobby. If more fun games are available elsewhere, then people will play there.

Someone has already solved the compatibility problems for the majority of players rather than a case by case after case by case compilation of solutions; it is just not here.




No. Thinking you can get in HoF without auto ss is stupid. Lmao. You want to take 1 step forward and 3 steps back? 


What is your logic behind not having auto ss to be in HoF? 

My logic is that one step forward does not correspond to three steps back because they do not have the same terms. One is paired with activity, the other with anti-cheating measures. Now, I am all about fair play. God knows that I have caught some notorious cheaters back in the day; however, if I have learned anything from doing so, then it is this. Cheaters will be cheaters will be cheaters. I am not saying to make it easier for them to cheat, albeit I concede the byproduct. I am saying that XWIS is missing yet another opportunity here. This says to me, as a new player with compatibility issues for example, "No, sorry, we run a cheat-free ladder here, so if you are unable to get our version running well, then we cannot guarantee that you are not cheating to compete on our ladder." Meanwhile, new players just downloaded the Origin version of the game that automatically directs them to XWIS. This is assuming that they have successfully navigated our registration process. The whole thing is nonsense to me, but I guess that my opinion is heavily influenced by my desire and ultimate incapability to compete here. :(

In Topic: Auto SS/HOF

02 October 2015 - 03:28 AM

Congrats! You've chosen a server completely void of a ladder based on a decision that you would not make it into the hall of fame on this ladder!

Logic fail!

No, I have chosen a significantly more active ffg server based on the fact that I am not eligible to qm on this one. If the only draw for me is a ladder, for which I am not eligible, then it follows quite naturally, in fact, that I would maximize the ffgs I can play. Unfortunately, that maximum occurs elsewhere. Moreover, what use is increased ladder activity if the newcomers that are increasing it will be removed for ranking? In effect, all they are doing is inflating the ladder. Logic fail indeed . . .


The question was "is the anti-cheat verification still necessary for placement in hall of fame rankings archive"


"Off to cncnet"

Which has no rankings at all..

To be clear, you may use the origin version of red alert 2 to play on XWIS.net. The XWIS version of red alert 2 is ONLY required if you intend to compete for a coveted place in the monthly top 10.

'Strategst' may choose to play where he likes, but any concern about the ss taker requirement applies only to those planning to compete for the HOF.

Yes, I understand; however, when I saw that the official version of the game was free to download now, I thought the requirement may have been reconsidered for the new blood of the ladder. It seems as though this will be another missed opportunity. It is also frustrating because, as I said, the XWIS version does not work for me and many others. You would think since the requirement was so staunchly upheld despite this fact, that the game would actually work, that something functional would be offered since it is necessary to enjoy the full benefits of the server. The players should not be the ones scrambling for individual solutions. I mean, I am using the copy I downloaded from here perfectly on the other server. They seem to have it sorted. What is the problem?


To be quite frank, I don't really see why the Origin version would work but the XWIS version does not. I do believe you though. How about we try to fix this issue? It works for me, on Windows 10. Needless to say, Windows 10, 8.1 or 8 are horrible choices if you want to play RA2 you either can't ALT-TAB or you have to play in a window - both are deal breakers.

I appreciate the offer, but I have troubleshooted the issue to limited success. I guess it is not fair to say that the XWIS version does not work completely. It just lags the fun out of the game. I remember testing the window mode for Olaf when Iran first tried to help us with Windows 8. I am just done with the "as good as it gets" for all the trouble.

In Topic: Auto SS/HOF

01 October 2015 - 07:11 PM

Yes. It would be silly to think that anyone just installing the free version will suddenly find himself competing for a HoF spot, wouldn't it?

No, I was considering playing quick match again due to the increase in activity as the Origin version of the game works for me whereas the XWIS version does not.



CnCNet it is.