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Runoutlaw, disconnection

12 February 2006 - 04:07 PM

Name: Runoutlaw

I waited the whole time as you can see and still the game is counted as a draw.
He disappeared after that game, couldnīt find him to ask for a freewin.

blessd vs. fanta
Scenario: terrace
Game Duration: 8:0 minutes
Type: Clan tournament
blessd's point change: +0
fanta's point change: +0

Match details
runoutlaw [blessd]
Result: Lost
Points: 60
Record: 2/1
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 6/12/7
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 0/22/15
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 28/92/35
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 0/0/0
IP: 68.230.13X.XX

jllusi0n [fanta]
Result: Lost
Points: 332
Record: 11/0
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 0/11/9
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 9/14/9
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 15/64/15
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 0/2/1
IP: 84.137.11X.XXX

lifeforce recon

15 December 2005 - 11:24 PM

... he knew he would never win that, also it may look like he still had a chance i mad 7 bombs, 4 refs in the middle, mk, emp ....i sent all tits, he knew it was over ...places his emp and so it first starts lagging out of nowhere and then theres the recon.

wouldnt give me a freewin neither.

since bil ignores my pmīs

12 December 2005 - 02:15 AM


ok this topic... i can not have NAMES in my ss, because the recon doesnt warn me "in 10 secs i will appear"

all iīm asking you to do is CHECK THE SYNC FILES ??? its not that hard. The game took place and it was a tourny game. Proof ? look ladder.
YOU DIDNT EVEN LOOK AT IT " 0 DOWNLOADS " wtf you made you cheater mod ???

now convict him , i wasted 20 minutes playing that newbie

kenfree recon

11 December 2005 - 09:04 PM

another guy doing the recon .....

game was pretty even , then i killed all his pads and he knew it was impossible to win.

kenfree vs. piru135
Scenario:  xxgray~2
Game Duration:  15:43 minutes
Type:  Player tournament
kenfree's point change: +0
piru135's point change: +0

Match details
Result:  Lost
Points:  374
Record:  22/10
Units Killed/Bought/Left:  19/37/19
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left:  19/38/20
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left:  39/105/39
Planes Killed/Bought/Left:  8/20/8
IP:  151.44.6X.XXX

Result:  Lost
Points:  440
Record:  19/5
Units Killed/Bought/Left:  22/45/22
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left:  26/43/27
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left:  4/41/4
Planes Killed/Bought/Left:  16/23/17
IP:  84.137.11X.XXX

> Match ID 9820 Statistics

audiomaze disconnection

10 December 2005 - 05:40 PM

Name: audiomaze

Disconnects when he sees itīs hopeless. Game is counted as a wash.
Ban please or contact him for my freewin. He disappeared after the game.

Scenario: terrace
Game Duration: 28:33 minutes
Type: Player tournament
piru135's point change: +0
audiomaze's point change: +0

Match details
Result: Lost
Points: 243
Record: 6/1
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 26/40/27
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 30/48/31
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 37/46/37
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 6/18/8
IP: 84.137.7X.XXX

Result: Lost
Points: 324
Record: 11/1
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 9/16/9
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 0/37/25
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 50/103/64
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 11/16/11
IP: 81.151.1X.XXX