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Yuri's Revenge with TFD 1.03 r4 unofficial patch crash

17 June 2012 - 12:21 PM

Hi guys, :wacko:

I got YR working on my Win7 x64 system a while ago, with all my motherboard drivers, hamachi and the unofficial The First Decade patch. Everything was working fine back then. Recently I came back to the game and it was working for about 2 days, before suddenly crashing every time exiting the YR game after being in the network lobby or internet lobby.

The crash hinges on the fact gamemd.exe (main executable for YR) hangs when exit is clicked.

The crash would be fine to deal with if i could actually kill the gamemd.exe process. :rolleyes: After it black/grey screen crashes, i cannot use anything on my computer. I open task manager through ctril+alt+del and then kill process tree for gamemd.exe. Even tried using procexp.exe from microsoft tools to kill handles within the process and that didnt work either. :confused1:

This doesnt respond. Nothing can cancel the process except for a cold shutdown or restart. Or waiting 5-10 minutes for it to automatically close (no idea how or why it manages to close it after so long). I heard in another thread this was happening with RA2 and that there was a patch made to address the issue. Since the two games are relatively similar, I would think they would be in coding as well, which hopefully means a patch can be made for YR as well.

It would be great if another patch could be made for yuris revenge because i am out of ideas in terms of fixing this issue and so would other people. My friend has a similar set up and it works fine.

I even used his installation media, after thinking my own installation media could be to blame.

Reinstallation of both the game and my WIndows 7 x64 OS (wipe and load)

All exes are set at windows 98 compatibility, game runs fine for everything until exiting out of network and internet.

I've spent a few days thoroughly poring through forums trying to find anybody else who had this happen, all the while trying as many fixes as possible. This one really has got me.

Any help at all would be appreciated fellas.