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In Topic: wtf in 2010 let gamer with 5 fps on ST

09 May 2010 - 07:49 AM

this computer is 2.9 gig with 564 mb ram, ill try this and see if i can get to run faster, i also have a much better video card then needed

and who are you to say ban anyone, ive done more for the xwis community then you could think =]

did i talk about ban ? am i a admin ? i only say my point of view and if u see my exemple was vs u
u win and perhaps u win with good speed but the fact was i got no money sorry but lag make game unfair
and ty i see u try somthing that's all i want to no ur first answer was like u like play in lag i see i was wrong gg
after sure, if player don't no enough about pc only ask some guy who no about it and if u want me to help you u can pm me for msn
i help all player who want

lol i just see ur post gg well done hf

sorry to be rude but lagger make me .......

In Topic: wtf in 2010 let gamer with 5 fps on ST

09 May 2010 - 01:28 AM

i didn't say u need bye new computer only watch the the requirement of ra2
only read the readme.txt in c:/westwood/ar2

Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000
266 MHz Processor
350 MB HDD space
4x CD-ROM Drive
2 MB video card
DirectSound-compatible soundcard

make me laugh if u can say ur computer are less than this
see if u lag it's not cause ur computer bad
only cause u didn't no how to use it

in this post i didn't see marsh or gameover ask some advice to make there game run properly they only answer i am on a slow computer it's like this
so u have less than 266 mhz computer = pentium 1
u have less than 64mb ram = :ohmy:
ur video card have less than 2 mo video memory

try make clever answer
and i repeat i never ask player be bann they can play ffg for sure with friends but tourney not the same
on every game u be kiked and for sure if u play ffg and lag like this u be kik if they are not ur friend
i wait some other answer like have this computer this os i lag what can i do
my english bad yes but i try. all my post are not to blame if u read it i give advice try help people have gg with a proper speed
and 15 fps is not fair when u play this game for exemple on meday 8 derick and have 0 money cause lag u think it's fair and u shot ur oponnent 4 derick and 2 raf and u can't make more unit cause no money sorry i don't think it's normal

ps if someone need help to make run the game faster i am here

i onky read the reame.txt files and i see

2.1. Problèmes connus liés à la carte graphique

Le réglage du moniteur vidéo doit être effectué après l'installation des pilotes vidéo de Microsoft DirectX.
Si des distorsions apparaissent à l'écran ou si l'affichage n'est pas aligné horizontalement, ou
verticalement, vous pouvez corriger le problème en utilisant les réglages de votre moniteur.

La plupart des problèmes d'affichage peuvent être résolus en installant les pilotes les plus récents
pour votre carte. Veuillez consulter la documentation de votre carte graphique pour savoir comment
obtenir les derniers pilotes en date.

Si vous utilisez le Theme Pack de Microsoft et que vous avez sélectionné un curseur personnalisé, un
problème de qualité vidéo peut survenir. Pour obtenir de meilleurs résultats, veuillez utiliser les curseurs
par défaut quand vous jouez à Command & Conquer: Alerte Rouge 2.

Les utilisateurs possédant des cartes graphiques intégrées Intel 3D (2 Mo AGP) peuvent avoir des
problèmes de rafraîchissement quand la résolution est élevée (supérieure à 640x480). Pour
résoudre ce problème, modifiez la section VIDEO du fichier AR2.INI située dans le répertoire
racine de AR2 afin d'y inclure :
(Cela concerne aussi les utilisateurs possédant des cartes graphique de faibles performances, qui
provoquent des traînées ou qui ont des problèmes de rafraîchissement à n'importe quelle résolution).

u can read the same in english on your westwood directory in C:/westwood/ar2
it mean game can have probleme refresh with resolution more than 640x480
to prevent it edit ur ar2.ini file
and include this value VideoBackBuffer=no

this game was not build for multi core processor the issue is freeze to prevent is go on game.exe process set affinity on 1 core only
don't forget on routeur open port udp 1234 1235 1236 1237

In Topic: wtf in 2010 let gamer with 5 fps on ST

08 May 2010 - 04:51 AM

nice reply u admit u go on a computer who make the game lag cool

In Topic: wtf in 2010 let gamer with 5 fps on ST

08 May 2010 - 02:01 AM

Pour te répondre ton ami marsh il aime bien, et il en profite il l'affire et le dit haut et fort
Quand à moi, je ne demande pas mieux de jouer en 60 fps, d'ailleurs je m'était même connecté il y'a environ 4 mois sur mes anciennes adresses msn en pensant que tu pourrais m'aider puisqu'il parait (à l'époque c'est ce qu'on disait) que tu etais un homme à tout faire sur un PC, donc si tu as quelque chose à me proposer c'est le bienvenue.

Tell me how, check my help topic into the past, and i will fix it ^^

tu peux toujours me contacter tu connais mon mail (ps pour ce qui concerne les mauvais joueur pas mal aussi les cry et autres surtout que si tu li bien mes message je critique pas les joueur je critique le lag )

1 cheak if u use only 1 core on multiple core processor
2 look if u have update drivers close all program who can use internet
3 play in 1024x768 if u have less than 512 mo memory video card
4 notice than some program update frequently make them download and use ur connection
5 carfull about defragment who could start in backdoor

In Topic: wtf in 2010 let gamer with 5 fps on ST

08 May 2010 - 01:47 AM

the auestion was simple why you don't understand it
all computer can make run ra2 with 60 fps ok
if game lag it's only a problem about gamer who don't no what to do so why u answer it's possible to play 20 fps instead try search solution
u like play in lag
u don't prefer try solve problem and make same game with 60 fps?