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In Topic: LoVe2sLaP SS

30 April 2008 - 07:25 AM

haha..At least I came from my mothers crack. Like I told you about two years ago you freak. Your mothers a guy and you only had one hole to come from.Thats were your name poo came from.. So get a life and stop mapping

[Sarcasm] LOL WOAH you got me there kiddo![Endsarcasm]

That post cracked me up. You are indeed a moron. Stop mapping? Why do you think I map you silly boy?

In Topic: LoVe2sLaP SS

29 April 2008 - 07:27 AM

Well doctor your SS and post it then. If your not involved in the game why all the lip. Always the same excuse from you.. I can't be bothered doesn't mean I don't cheat. This is fairplay forums where players post SS to promote fair play. All you ever do is spam posts giving the same lame excuse of why you don't post. Anyways done with the no show LoVe2sLaP and this post.. Must really get frustrating making up new nics every month to hide behind and have someone request an SS on it. Oh well

You must be disabled. Doctor my SS and post? What SS?! FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME I WASN'T IN THE GAME! There is a difference between promoting fair play and asking every player you lose against for an SS. Idiot.

All I ever do is spam posts? Look at when I joined this forum kid. Look how many posts I have. If there's one thing I most definitely don't do is spam.

To quote my Full Metal Jacket Sargent friend - "The best part of you ran down the crack of your mums **** and ended up as a brown stain on the bed sheet."

In Topic: LoVe2sLaP SS

28 April 2008 - 10:54 PM

Whats asking for an SS got to do with XGS anyways. Anyone using map clear can use it to take advantage at start up by taking oil tecs and moving dogs to take out dogs and engi's at start up. Whats XGS going to prove if nothing is in attack mode. Map clear can be shut off at any time to avoid the chance of getting caught. Get the clue pOo..I don't care what you or anyone else thinks. Without an SS with shroud replay doesn't mean ****. I suspect LoVe2sLaP mapped at start up and without SS there's nothing to say he didn't. Protect your mapping friends. I posted and he said he took SS but can't post his reshroud. You probably clan together.

Why do you think the mods here use it to detect cheaters? Oh yeah it must be useless....... The fact is even an SS can be doctored to avoid detection - wouldn't take much to fool a retard like you.

Protect my mapping friends? We clan together? Are you really that thick?

1. I'm not in a clan.
2. I played him once and it was OBVIOUS he didn't map. Two reasons for that. Dropping para near my base to scout and the fact that he didn't stop my dread rush. If he knew I was going for a quick tech he would have countered.

You should quit this game. You spend most of your time accusing others of cheating then playing. If you have no proof, there's no point of accusing.

I'll also tell you why not posting an SS doesn't mean you necessarily cheat. It's because they can't be bothered. If you asked me for an SS I'd refuse. Why? Because I don't give a **** if you think I cheat or not (I have nothing to prove) and I can't be bothered wasting my time taking and posting an SS for some dumb kid who doesn't know how to lose graciously.

In Topic: LoVe2sLaP SS

28 April 2008 - 05:54 PM

Not everyone pOo...Just you and a few others. Perhaps you didn't post it because you had no shroud to post. XGS doesn't always record first game so again your a moron to me.

It wasn't me playing doofus. I've already made that clear. See post above regarding XGS.

Quit your whining kiddo - it's embarrassing.

In Topic: LoVe2sLaP SS

28 April 2008 - 05:30 PM

You call everyone a mapper dummy. Perhaps he didn't post an SS because he can't be bothered wasting his time on a moron like you. Makes sense to me.

My advice to you is to use XGS. This would prevent you making yourself look like an idiot. Either that or quit the game - no one likes playing whiney sore losers such as yourself.