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SS of "Excaliber Using TechLevel Trainer"

23 October 2013 - 08:32 AM

Excaliber was my allie this morning when he stealthed than started making buildings that were not an option to others in the match such as the pyramid etc. He was obviously using a tech trainer to aquire them. Everyone was completely teched out for at least 30 min and didn't have those options. So I took a SS to proove and show to others, just to give a heads up to everyone that Excaliber does have tech cheats and does use them. I will not watch my allies use trainers and have others think I don't care, I will rat their asses out. There is no reason to cheat in an online match, it does not matter if its a tournament of mod map match!


Also the enemies seen the pyramid flash and ask why Excaliber is cheating and he starts to deny it and asks enemy how they supposively see the pyramid and Excaliber than suggests they are cheating to see his stealthed base. In one of the SS you can see OmniDemon reply he seen it because it went unstealthed for a second and Excalibers reply saying sure. Basically a cheater cheating in front of his allies and then trys to suggest they cheated. Anyway have a look!





SS's for Bubbles - A.K.A NodRescues Whining Old Maid

04 June 2013 - 10:06 PM

Just like rest of NodRescue's Clan more whining, want some cheese with that whine Jen (bubbles,ukbubbles) 


After more than a half an hour into the match the whining starts. I could see open areas at front of bubbles base enough to drop apcs into it.  I had 6 sub apcs , 4 with mixed borgs minimens and cc inside and 2 empty. So I figure they will all get emp'd like the last wave and did the intelligent thing by sending 2 empty apc ahead and announcing/texting purposely & publically to everyone be ready to mark up bubbles and that I got apc with men on way to bubbles ^just to get her to EMP^ the empty ones. Than Pete's *OLD MAID* bubbles falls for it and EMPS them LOL. So not to far behind was the 4 loaded sub apcs with mens borgs and cc and she gets powned by them and goes retardingly mad. The *OLD MAID* starts whining & name calling saying she's not open and that i'm a mapper and I cheat. Shes using profane language while im trying to tell her how she was open and advised her i'm taking screenshots to proove even though she has sams and arts that clearly have been firing the whole time I attacked front base ahead of her. She then breaks her own rules as host and sends harvs on way to harv bomb after rules of match was no engi alt harv than exits match while being Powned!  Along with bubbles the *OLD MAID* leaving so did nodrescue the leader of rescue under another one of his name hiding nicknames.


So even though not being asked to post, I took some special time after eating my lunch to post the ss's I had taken, these ss won't matter to her due to her mindless housekeeping mentality but I'm posting them for this OLD MAID anyway.


Even with her far less than godlike tibsun wisdom and very l33t newbie bunker skills which required years of practice and training from the less that l33t clan leader of hers she clearly still needs to GET GOOD or at least BETTER and SHUT UP and not run her mouth and maybe LEARN or maybe be a GOOD SPORT if shes going to be a POOR PLAYER...

Screenshots for Nodrescue

02 June 2013 - 12:24 AM

Posted by (ThePriest),


I was already attacking bottom front left side enemy opponent when I seen him/her trying to sneak away with an MCV heading towards nodrescues base, Because I already had a large group of devils on route and almost to the opponent I simply redirected of those devils to follow the fleeing MCV before bottom front westside opponents went into the blackened area. My devil targeted/followed his mcv into the black area inside nodrescues base. I didn't even notice the devils tounge made it all the way into nodrescues base till the whining started once again. His allie deployed his MCV after making his way to Nodrescues base but as the deployed my devil was not obviously not all the way to the MCV, so basically the enemy MCV deployed the devil surfaced. That's when accusations started to fly from nodrescue's mouth saying i'm mapping.



What really should be embarrassing for Nodrescue is that only a few days ago there was a post by Nodrescue at XWIS.  NODRESCUE's posted at XWIS complaining about how someone else was whining for the same reason, NODRESCUE basically goes on to detail how he sent a few devils and followed an opponents MCV with his devils and here pete was complaining about how someone else whined about it.



Nodrescue there is only ONE set of rules for this game, Nodrescue you don't get a special set of rules just to boost your ego and this is not the special Olympics. If you can follow others MCV's in to black with devils so can we.


Like John Would Say, you just need to "GET GOOD" and Stop the whining,better yet grow up!

Simple way to fix problem with map reveal and make fair!

29 May 2013 - 03:21 AM

Simple way to fix problem with map reveal and make fair!


Have XWIS include the cheat here and have everyone use it openly, that way it will even things up for the few of us fair players that are left, while at it bring the name hiders list back and we will decide ourselves who's worthy as the current method is broken. There the problem is solved and Olaf saves a bunch of time...


Maybe trying the if we cant beat them join them idea would work since we are nearly out of options*****

Evolvea build anywhere and uses feinds!

29 May 2013 - 03:04 AM

http://deadlygamers.com/public_files/ss007.pngEvolvea build anywhere and uses feinds!
maybe to crosslink.
Name: Evolvea