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14 January 2014 - 07:48 PM

I don't have any phone numbers and the C&C studio was closed...

olaf please dont waste your own time responding to stupid things.

you did a good job with xwis and without your work ts would be dead when wol closed.


all of that is offtopic ;)

In Topic: new server

14 January 2014 - 06:19 PM



I dont see any problems with the maps at all. All maps are fine and i like it original. No need 2 fix / mod any official maps.


What needs to be done is :


Fixing map names:


Terraces = Terrace

Crater = Seismic

Tunnel-Train-Ing = Tunnel Training

Tactical = Tactical Opportunities

Hex-Treme = Hextreme



Remove none- Ts Maps from "Standarts


Hot Springs


Private msg


totally sucks 2 go into lobby and find the nick within 250 logins 2 doubleklick it to page private.


Why not just double click the name in Game channel too, 2 page privat?




As an old Irc veteran i ll never writhe nicks. I ll always writhe the first letter and press TAB.

When u do that in a game room it actually tabs nicks that are not in the game channel, but in the lobby. What for ? Point? i wanna tab the players i c in my game chan as i want to talk to them




I m beeing anoyed almost every game by "stupid" people who always take the same starting numbers. If some1 takes for example start number 1 ,......the number 1 should autom. disapear to all the players so noone can take the same starting point. Happens in 99 % of all games. Dunno why ppl are that stupid.....

Same goes for colours......


Map-Names in General


no1 really cares about the size of the maps. Whats important is how much players can play that map

so insteadt of " Terrace 116 x 109 " add "Terrace (2-4)


Nick Registration


Even so ts is so new on CNCnet, i saw already ppl using my nick "henky7777" twice.

I doubt any1 likes it when other players "steal/play with " your nick

Cant be that hard 2 add a registration ? ....it still can be optional...


thats about it.....








In Topic: Bots on the TS Server [FAO Admin] [Expired]

19 March 2010 - 11:40 PM

They're not on there 24/7, are they?


These bots, they don't happen to be yours by any chance?


In Topic: Strange bans, and no idea why..

25 March 2008 - 05:35 PM

And this one as well:


If you logon with someone else's nickname then this is also considered sharing - nick sharing.

We advise against this because your serial may get banned, as yours has.

thats the same guy

so it doesnt have 2 mean, that he got my serial, ....all he needed was my password 2 use my nick ? so i get banned..

gj that there arnt 20 000 brute forcers for ts out/

so now since it s banned i dont even get the chance 2 reset passwords?

In Topic: Strange bans, and no idea why..

25 March 2008 - 05:18 PM

aha so that guy has my serial 2 ?