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Keeps asking to download patch!!

27 October 2007 - 10:59 PM

Thought id install ra2 again... anyway i went to download the patch through the game and it didnt work - so i downloaded it off the homepage yet when i go back into ra2 (it says its 1.006 down the bottom) it keeps saying i need to download a patch to play online...



kane\lee where r u

09 October 2006 - 12:18 AM

im in sydney u noob

Is it dead yet?

05 October 2006 - 02:14 PM

? Is it?

Jeffy boy, whats this?

05 August 2006 - 01:33 AM

26/07/2006  8:56:57 PM  phil  todd  can u send it?
26/07/2006  8:57:00 PM  phil  todd  so i can see it in skirmist
26/07/2006  8:57:17 PM  todd  phil  no
26/07/2006  8:57:24 PM  phil  todd  why =[
26/07/2006  8:57:35 PM  todd  phil  cause its got this ugly interface with other options
26/07/2006  8:57:51 PM  phil  todd  so
26/07/2006  8:57:56 PM  phil  todd  all your stuff is ugly =[
26/07/2006  8:58:45 PM  todd  phil  hey my reshroud trainer isnt
26/07/2006  8:58:50 PM  phil  todd  =_=
26/07/2006  8:59:02 PM  phil  todd  oh ye jeff said your reshroud sucks also
26/07/2006  8:59:03 PM  phil  todd  :D
26/07/2006  8:59:21 PM  todd  phil  lol, y
26/07/2006  8:59:34 PM  phil  todd  said it takes like 5 seconds for it to reshroud on radar
26/07/2006  8:59:38 PM  phil  todd  i mean
26/07/2006  8:59:41 PM  todd  phil  i know
26/07/2006  8:59:51 PM  todd  phil  not my problem, its the game
26/07/2006  8:59:53 PM  phil  todd  and it takes liek2 seconds to reshroud on normal screen

This one isnt Jeff but still... Phil and steve hey.

26/07/2006  7:26:05 PM  phil  todd  coz i was fogging
26/07/2006  7:26:13 PM  phil  todd  got annyoed when lat 3 games sash had eaten every dog
26/07/2006  7:26:17 PM  phil  todd  so i tured on fog hack
26/07/2006  7:26:17 PM  phil  todd  :\
26/07/2006  7:26:26 PM      todd sends E:\Games\Ra2 Trainer 1.04.zip
26/07/2006  7:26:31 PM  phil  todd  ive got it
26/07/2006  7:26:32 PM  phil  todd  lol
26/07/2006  7:26:37 PM  phil  todd  Ive got windows ME thou
26/07/2006  7:26:39 PM  todd  phil  heh, figures, who from
26/07/2006  7:26:44 PM  todd  phil  windows me, wtf?
26/07/2006  7:26:50 PM  phil  todd  melenium
26/07/2006  7:26:52 PM  phil  todd  so
26/07/2006  7:27:03 PM  phil  todd  i have to alt-tab if i wanna use map hack/ radar hack
26/07/2006  7:27:04 PM  phil  todd  lol
26/07/2006  7:27:31 PM  todd  phil  y
26/07/2006  7:27:36 PM  phil  todd  dnno
26/07/2006  7:27:43 PM  phil  todd  the 'f' keys dont do anything
26/07/2006  7:27:45 PM  phil  todd  unless i alt-tab
26/07/2006  7:27:54 PM  todd  phil  oh
26/07/2006  7:28:20 PM  phil  todd  and if i did use map hack id get caught by xgs
26/07/2006  7:28:58 PM  todd  phil  why? So easy to not get caught Where did u get it anyway? I dont even know who has it.
26/07/2006  7:29:12 PM  phil  todd  i think steve sent it to me

Do you honestly still enjoy ra2 or yr?

28 February 2006 - 05:52 AM


Just because you play the game doesnt mean you actually enjoy the game play, maybe you just like doing something competitive and being good at it? Maybe its just a way to pass the time? Maybe its the only game that runs on your pc?

But when you play, are you excited by it? Do you enjoy it?

Personally for me i dont, not like i used to 5 years ago. I play CS:S and ****en enjoy that.