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Just for the fun -:)

22 March 2014 - 06:30 AM

Well guys, i know it isn't worth anymore in tiberian sun BUT...i opened a new clan called 'OpTic'.

It is just for the fun and for people who want to train, are stoners or toothless alcs ;) or for those which only like it to play in a little community with some cool players.

I know that TS is dead and that it is about 15 yrs old but it's also boring to play tournaments only. I'd like to play - if its only 1 more time happens in my life i would be also fine with it - a 2v2 clanny on terraces against some other peeps. We are not many people who still play this game but those who are still online could bring a new little boost in the lobbys maybe. It would just work if all players interested in and working together. Maybe it also would increase the activity of the game a lil' bit. It is just a idea of me after a long night, lol and a little hope of myself to could play one or two more years the best online game i ever played.


So, if you'd like to join just page me in lobby or leave me a message here.

No spam, dumb bs and useless discussions plz, like i said - it's just fun.


peace out, phil :rizla:

baas28 r/c cheater

25 February 2014 - 12:11 PM

hey guys.

i played this baas28 guy on tread lightly this minute.

well, i was br - he tl.

I scouted him, get 2 dizzys in and a gs.

After his failed try to scout me with a sub apc there came the error...

TS sucks, i mean, why the fawk you need to hack in a dead game...? Jezus.Attached File  Unbenannt.jpg   52.4KB   220 downloads

hey again :)

19 February 2014 - 11:49 AM

hey guys, not sure if anyone rermembers me but this is phil.

im back one more time and like to have some good games with you.

if you like to play just page me in lobby 'fightclub' or leave me some comments here. :)

no spam and dumb bs plz, if its possible.


thank u and greets.

Wotan is cheater noob!

21 September 2013 - 12:33 PM

hey guys, this is phildaone.

i had my first game after a couple of months on BBG 4 with this newb called 'wotan'.

i was tr, he was bl. so, game starts with 2 inf rushs of him, i blocked and contered both, owned his mcv first.

after, i was on the way to own him easy with tits and bombs and d/c screen arrived...it arrived a second and a third time, then it said me enemy has been defeated. i'll watched on xwis and seen that he gets the points! plz ban him and gimme my points back. i'll give u some screens, hope its okay that way cause i messed up to make a screen of the error. -_-

plz guys, help me, it cant be the truth =(



wtf is this?

12 June 2012 - 02:41 PM


Whats that?