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Any training buddies still out there

13 July 2012 - 01:40 PM

Hey is there still anybody willing to be training buddy with me as i have gone rusty need to get back on track with the tezz games.

Is Ts Worth Playing

02 July 2012 - 11:36 PM

Hi Ts players :bye1:

IF anyone remembers me (doubt they do) I use cncwrath nick

I was thinking about coming back to play some games but i ask is it still dead? Can i get some good tezz games or evenn forest fire games

I am rusty and not that good anyway :laugh:

From Tsftwz

SS Megatjme

11 September 2011 - 09:32 AM

ok i know this guy didnt dc on purpose the game ended in a wash anyway due to recon errors

here is the ss of the dc. I know its a weak ss and its blacked out as i alt tabbed

Attached File  89866109.jpg   58.53KB   106 downloads

here are the stats

cncwrath killed bought left captured units 23 75 23 buildings 28 70 29 0 infantry 14 102 14 planes 7 19 7

megatjme killed bought left captured units 20 74 20 buildings 36 70 37
0 infantry 8 87 8 planes 4 22 5

So who gives who a free win

Problems with Loading

14 August 2011 - 04:38 PM

Ok my friends needs alittle help he doesnt load and i have tryed to go on teamviewer to do it for him problem is i cant open ports on windows 7 as it is complicated. Well i managed to inpput a rule in the firewall which would allow specific ports. Still didnt work. I tryed to locate his router as it is a talktalk520 type which is not listed. He needs help as we dont know what to do it would be helpful if you can tell us. Olaf i ask u directly

Message to Mole40k

14 August 2011 - 12:45 AM

Mole I noticed the link for your ts guide is not avialable. Is there a possibilty that you have another copy available, as i had a friend to download ts and i really wanna train him but i cant as he does not understand the basic units and fundamentals of Tiberian Sun. I feel that your guide will help him as it contains very useful tips for new players :)

From Tsftwz