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Invalid serial, then wol tool crashes

17 February 2006 - 09:05 PM

Ok first of all i bought The First Decade, and uninstalled all C&C things before i installed it

I tried to play ra1 online and used this guide http://xwis.net/nuke/html/index.php
i also downloaded and installed the wol tool that the guide tells me to do.

when i try to connect with the tool i get:

Login to XCC Online failed!
Strike Team: http://xwis.net/
Your serial number has been marked as invalid. Please visit Strike Team for more information (SID: 5681).

and at the same time the wol tool crashes, windows xp tells me the program has encountered an error and must be terminated.

i can play TS online without problems, but that doesn't use this tool.
one thing that crossed my mind is that i don't have ipx installed, but seriously, is that required for online play?

what do i do to fix this? this question shouldn't really be on this forums if EA had done their fu(king job...