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Can't access internet play in game

08 June 2011 - 04:29 PM

Says "fetching servers list" every time I try and then fails, says to check my internet connection, lol.

It used to work. I bought TFD which came with the XWIS stuff built in. It worked flawlessly until now. :\

Any clue how to solve this?


Can't see buttons/menus with new PC

31 March 2011 - 08:44 PM

I just got a brand new machine, i5,4gb of ram, etc'. Anyways, to my surprise RA2 & RA2 Yuri both have problem where the game comes up and I can't see the buttons on the menu and the whole thing seems to be displayed in 4:3 aspect ratio. Any clue on this? My graphics card is the onboard Intel HD 2000 which works fine on other, much more modern games.

Please help! :(

for the matter, I have a legit TFD copy, game is installed properly and worked flawlessly on my old PC.

Is this cheating?

07 March 2011 - 10:33 PM

Hi, I'm really really baffled by this...

I was playing 2v2 on an official map in RA2 Yuri's Revenge.

The game was set with crates ON.

However, suddenly one of our rivals had 5-6 IFVs with >>> rank and managed to destroy nearly 6 buildings in my base and escape my tanks with ease..like they were never there.

5 minutes after I manage to finally take out his damn IFVs he comes back with MORE (6-7) IFVs with >>> ranks to them.

This is where I was sure the game isn't a regular game, it involves cheating of some sort. Nor me or my ally had spy broken into our bases so I can't find any explanation to this. He just popped up with these IFVs from no where.

I was thinking maybe its presidential IFVs but this map had no urban areas with civilians and its an official team alliance map that comes with the game.

Please help me find out this mystery.

I tried to understand from the guy how he did this but no reply from him which ups the chance he was cheating.


Best way to beat Battle Fortress with Soviets

07 September 2010 - 12:40 AM

I'm just puzzled about this. BF tanks can be so annoying, besides being a little slow it has no disadvantages...it shoots from far distance and forces you to attack your opponent. Most annoying thing is the fact that, until your tanks actually get to it, it's all wasted. Please help out on what strategy to take when trying to beat a player with 4-5 BF tanks!


The First Decade LAN issue!

02 September 2010 - 08:11 PM


I recently bought TFD and I think it's the latest version (1.002). It says on the box "IPX/TCP-IP Compliant". However RA2/YURI doesn't seem to have TCP-IP support, I try to click "Network" and then it quickly goes back to main menu. Thing is, I know there's a patch that replaces the old IPX but at the same time it conflicts with the Internet feature of the game which now works for me since I have a legit serial. I googled some and found out someone made separate launchers for TS/RA2/YURI that disables the LAN patch when you want to play TS/RA2/YURI on the Internet. Problem is, firstly, why doesn't TFD fixes the TCP-IP stuff? I mean, they made it work on XP so why not mend that problem too? Second, I tried to get the launchers someone made but all I found were some broken links so if someone can provide a mirror I'd be glad. Last thing that interests me, I found out about an unofficial 1.003 patch for TFD which says it fixes LAN/Online play but I also read some stuff which made me unsure if it really just add that dll to support LAN play (neglecting Online) or does both? meaning fixing LAN play while maintaining online play?