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Connection troubles

28 July 2010 - 08:17 PM

Hello Everyone, I'm sure this topic has been exhausted and I know because I have read through quite a few of the previous posts looking for a solution. I recently decided to start playing RA2 again and untill yesterday I didnt realize a server still exisited, as you can imagine to my surpise one did in deed, however, when I log on an enter anyone's lobby including a freind who lives less then a mile a way it says I have a bad connection to host or with player outlined by a red dot next to my nick name (Also indicating a high ping). I have a buisness class connection with what should be an excellent connection. After reading some of the previous post regarding connection issues I tried and I believe I successfully opened the required ports on my Belkin wireless N router. I also turned of the Windows Vista firewall but no luck, if my friend and I start a game the map transfers and we enter the screen that says "Waiting for one or more players to enter the game, then it counts down and boots us). I originally assumed it was an issue that was limited to our settings but I have the same thing happen when I enter or try to join other player lobbies. In addtion, my friend has a green connection so I am convicenced its on my end.

I try to reinstall and old program called Port Magic last night but its been so long I dont have a lot of the nes. information required to install.

Does anyone have any suggestions - Should I revist the ports ?

Thanks for everyones help in advance !