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RA2 hotkey qwer dont work

16 February 2020 - 04:54 AM

does anyone know why?


i use sony laptop to play ra2 for over 10 years and last week or so those hotkeys won't work.


i can still use them to switch between, but when the buildings are ready to be deployed i can't use them.


i even tried to reinstall my whole operating system and still won't work


oh i use windows xp which shouldn't be a problem cuz i've used it for twenty years since i started to play this game

Problems regarding RA2 [ACT User] [Expired]

14 July 2010 - 08:10 AM

Here are the two problems that i have regarding RA2:

I registered 10 nicks using my serial# but recently i deleted most of them (6 i guess), so still 4 nicks left. My question is that whether or not i can register more nicknames?

i did tried several times to register for a nickname but always there's an error pop up says "Unknow Status" and then follow by another msg says "could not connect to westwood online, check your internet connection." but im pretty sure that my internet connection has NO problem. So i wanna know what would be the real problem.

I used to change my password when i log in to the lobby and type in "reset password" and new randon password will come out automatically. But recently i tried the same method few times and it just doesnt work at all. So is there anyone can help me out with that.

or if possible, is there any way i can set my own password instead of getting a randon one, that way i wouldn't forget it every time i reinstall the game.

Thank you!