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N0obzilla makes such a big stink of cussing...

18 September 2010 - 03:57 AM

and now look at this l0l! i guess he figures "if you cant beat em, join em"

kerm15 RE wash game no pts[BT32-23-10-2010]

17 September 2010 - 08:23 PM

yet another wash game for me, i swear noobs wash me every other qm i play dude this is why i dont even QM!

everytime i logon xwis is telling me a new game i had with a different player ended in a wash lol BUT I STILL NEVER SEEN NO FREE WIN FOR IT

GID Player A Player B Duration Scenario Date FPS C S T
52920 Yuri kerim15 RE Libya vivi RE 04:51 Dustbowl 15:16 17-09-2010 34 S P
kerim15 killed bought left captured
units 1 5 0
buildings 0 11 7 3
infantry 3 9 12
planes 0 0 0
vivi killed bought left captured
units 3 11 9
buildings 1 12 19 9
infantry 9 11 6
planes 0 0 0

Xzibit post SS here please

17 September 2010 - 05:02 PM

I've suspected this guy using map hack before so today i qmed him and just randomly asked for an SS and he ignored me. later in game i said "i want my SS" and he says "okay"

help i have a question

13 September 2010 - 10:08 PM

ok so i made cm and deadmouse joined and i won and at very end right before end it d/c and game didnt show up on ladder i was like wtf and observer of the game said it was ffg... but we both thought it was cm. and so i made another cm and won again and it d/c AGAIN same way and i knew this one was a cm.. is there anyway to check if the first game was a cm or not ? cuz i have dpl shots of both games. i will upload the ss's in a sec gotta get on the other computer

EDIT: ok second game showed up on ladder but no pts were givin.. can u find out if the first on Blood Fued was a cm or ffg? deadmouse will give the free pts i know he is fair player so im not worried about that and this isnt a report.

Defiance1 washing on video! *video finally uploaded*[reset]

13 September 2010 - 05:32 PM

i have the game on vid, obvious i was gonna win. then he started washing in and out. making it countdown and get close to 0, then reconnecting....... i have dpl in the video. in the end i think he got tired of it and just quit but here is the vid.

I didnt get pts for the win it says RE on the ladder

lmfao i just downloaded this video program and tried to qm again... so this was my first qm. this is the reason i dont QM its full of washing noobs. but hopefully now i have the tool to help put a stop to this nonsence. the program is called Hypercam and it doesnt lag much at all.

DPL shot is at 02:03 and again at 09:42


pfft dude this quality is horrible, when the game begins the quality gets a little better. sorry but u can get the picture i guess, i attached the close up of the dpl shot

here is the game info:

GID Player A Player B Duration Scenario Date FPS C S T
40470 defiance1 RE vivi RE 10:07 May Day 12:17 13-09-2010 35 S P

defiance1 killed bought left captured
units 0 20 16
buildings 0 12 32 25
infantry 1 30 19
planes 0 2 0
vivi killed bought left captured
units 0 33 32
buildings 0 15 32 22
infantry 3 30 18
planes 0 1 2

i edit out between 06:25 about 07:30 becuase i had to go take a sh** lol and i figured this guy was noob anywayz :/ and please disregaurd my mother yappin about who knows what in the background

Edit: hmm uploading the video as an attachment isnt working so im going to upload it to youtube and give you the link please standby