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Need training

14 November 2004 - 10:55 PM

Hello all I need a very good trainer so I can be real good on DC uprising as France

complaint about idonotown

10 October 2004 - 09:18 PM

look he just said that he posted and now my rankng will be reset. He said I bailed hm during a tourny. I didn't my bro wanted to play I said no so he disconnected my power...now my ranking gets reset...because mr idonotown has to go psoting about these accidents happen...Itold him what happened and why I disconnected he wouldnt listn...somebody do something about this.


10 October 2004 - 07:34 PM



10 October 2004 - 05:50 PM

After many days of studing how people play I have come up with a way to know how somebody plays. Below I will list each type of player and their weekness and strength.

Attacks with large amounts of tanks. Ussually builds a force of 100 tanks or so and uses his full force to detroy the other player. Strength: May weaken enemy defenses. Weakness: If army of tanks is destroyed by a larger force, the player that attacked will have hardly any defenses left leaving him defenseless.

Miner rusher:
In a hurry to gather as much ore and gems as possible. Builds at least 2 miners. Strength: Loads of money. extra miners in case some get detroyed. Weakness: Prone to running out of ore faster.

Tank Rusher:
Rushes to destroy an opponent quickly as soon as he gets at least 5 or so tanks.
Strengths: none Weakness: few tanks. defending force may have larger defense.

GI Rusher:
Rushes with loads of GI. Strengths: cut off enemy supply. Weakness: GI easier to kill.

Waits to get a large base and defense then starts building his attack force.
Strength: larger and stronger attack force.
Weakness: could get destroyed sooner.

Builds mainly his base defense before attack force. Strength: reduce attacking force. Weakness: no attack force

counter attacker:
When attacked and badly crippled but wins the battle, attacks the opposing side with larger force if enough money or hits with small force while opponent isn't paying attention. Weakness: counter may fell.

My advice:
Be prepared for any of these type of players. Adapt to them all quickly so you know how to defeat eacha nd every one.

chatting about the xwis buddies

09 October 2004 - 02:36 PM

whats does an XWIS buddy do?