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Is the Ra2 ladder down for everyone or just me?

28 July 2017 - 10:50 AM

I get a 500 - Internal Server Error message when i check the Ra2 ladder?!


30 June 2017 - 08:15 AM


I was checking the ladder and i saw the nick Jesus on the ladder, currently rank #4
"Appeared from out of nowhere" so i look at the stats(nick made 3 days ago), I've noticed his stats vs Blindtank 
First game(with an observer), the stats seems fine?!, after that it looks like Blindtank just donated 60 points without putting up a fight on this last day before reset
Quitting on map Poltergeist 3x 
Last game on Safe the Lake(also with an observer) the duration is only 1:32, looking at the SS stats, he only has his MCV deployed on a tourney game, while the allied player has allready made power and barack

Paf stop paging me

25 April 2016 - 07:23 PM

You CREEP twitch_2_by_mirz123-d4hdenc.gif

XGS replay ~ What building does he have left?

29 January 2016 - 09:16 PM

I think he cheats?! 


I had game on coldest peak me top vs bottom
I destroyed his MCV at bottom mid, so he couldn't have build somewhere else, i've turned XGS on after i notice i destroyed all his building and couldn't see any of his building at bottom spot, maybe i'm blind but i don't see what he has got left

Grinding Tanya's isn't that bug abuse?

28 January 2016 - 03:04 PM

Player Striker73 sends Tanya's into the cloning vat, yesterday i had a game with him https://xwis.net/ra2/games/19262/
I've turned my XGS on after i heard lots of Tanya's laughter under a gap generator, but i don't want him getting banned, only if he continue to do it after a warning from an admin, so can 1 of you guys send him a warning that is not allowed 

@ 1732 / 5061 he sends 4 Tanya's into the Cloning vat and later on a few more