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18 December 2018 - 11:37 PM

Hi =)

Everyone is talking about a merger now? I was completely ignored when I first brought it up back in 2015.




Making my return to the Command and Conquer community January 2019!

In Topic: CNCNET and STRIKE-TEAM.net Merger?

27 March 2015 - 05:43 PM

Dear XWISmostwanted,


Did you read any of this thread at all? Ideas of what a merge looked like were clearly explained in long paragraphs only to get an Olaf famous few word reply.

This is why things like this never work well in a public format. Too many low information voters.



The reason why i made this topic was to get the ball rollin and to get feedback from members of the community. It's already a given that everyone is PRO-Merger. Now we need xwis/cncnet to be "pro merger". The fact that one month has passed and this conversation of merging is still happening in a public forum is quite alarming. Let's get this forwarded to a private chat between cncnet/xwis now.. I urge Strike-Team admins/mods to push Olaf and get things rolling.


This will be the last time i bring this up.

OLAF, Can we setup a date/time for a PRIVATE chat between ST + CNCNET? Brainstorm ideas, etc. 

In Topic: CNCNET and STRIKE-TEAM.net Merger?

25 March 2015 - 07:09 PM

Sure, what else could it possibly be?
XWIS was never hacked though we have suffered from denial of service attacks multiple times.
Nobody has been able to provide any details of what a merger would look like, Grant came up with having a new name and a new site and not much more.

As I've said before, the CnCNet client is quite nice and I'm not against having a better MP frontend.



Can a representative of CNCNET please elaborate any ideas/details on what a merger would look like? Olaf mentioned this a few times, this may get the ball rolling. 

In Topic: CNCNET and STRIKE-TEAM.net Merger?

20 March 2015 - 05:45 AM

Please close the topic.

We cannot be splitting the community this way. I don't like to see two sides fight each other. That isn't my intention here. BornL33t, that was entirely absurd. Don't forget where you came from, strike-team has done a lot to keep these games alive.


It's getting out of hand now. It's done. We're not doing a merger. Olaf and HiFi has their differences, albeit many instances of forming a merger.


I disagree to the statement about CNCNET being pirates.. I can't download the cncnet and play Yuri's without actually owning the game. We cannot control wheter or not 'players' private the game or not unless we have some sort of serial protection which Strike-Team has exclusive rights to. Gameranger and other servers (China has a huge population on their own server) do this same thing .CNCNET has a clean polished and fixed way of doing things. 'Free Multiplay' can be easily be a lan game as well. There is no difference here!  I'd pick activity over being limited in how we play and game. It's about the players!


Let's be happy that there is other avenues to play the game. It would be awesome if we merged.. Windows 10 is being released, wouldn't it be nice to have active support for this and people willing to work on compatibility? CNCNET's new tech allows us to update the game fairly easily which is why i approve.  But shit happens.


Good Luck to both CNCNET and Strike-team. You guys done great.



PS: If Olaf is willing to communicate with CNCNET, go for it! Mark my word for it, CNCNET will not try to reach out to Olaf anymore. There has been far too many instances of this and it's time for you guys to come to a meaningful proposal or just let it be.

In Topic: CNCNET and STRIKE-TEAM.net Merger?

28 February 2015 - 03:43 AM

I don't think that's true. Most staff plays RA2 and not TS though.
Doesn't CnCNet also have a great installer? The in-game lobby is nice but the out-of-game CnCNet UI simply has far more features.
Just wondering, where did the idea of merging come from and what does it imply? Nobody has been able to give me any details so far.

NeoGrant's vision contains a new, external and universal client which as said before is a good idea.


Yes Cncnet has a good installer as well!  Lot of newer games are using external clients nowadays, such as Battlefield. But also other games still have it integrated. It's really a subject to what can benefit the games more. It seems as CNCNET 5 would better as its 'newer tech'. As for the merging idea, i believe CNCNET contacted you before this thread was made. I had no contact with either you or CNCNET before making this topic. It was just a idea i wanted to propose to the community to see what kind of feedback we can get for a potential merger. Since 99.9% of people agree to it, i feel like it definitely would be something to consider. 


Olaf, i really can't tell you anything on how a merger would look as it's not my field of expertise. FunkyFr3sh, can you chime in what a potential merger would look like? I believe you are one of the people that worked on CNCNET 5 client the most.


Also, at this point, i dont know whats going on. I don't know if you or CNCNET is talking or even still interested. I think you will have to create a private chat as i originally suggested.  I don't think no ideas has been proposed as they have not had a chance to speak with you. Please don't email.. Let's chat.  If you are open to the idea, please state the day and time (timezone) you will be available. HiFi/Funky(assuming they will take another chance in communicating with you)  can setup a private chat in the CNCNET client to speak with you.


I cannot really do anything as I don't have a direct relationship with either party. 


Neogrant's idea already exists. Tib/Dune/Ra/CNC is all in one client. Obviously each game has a separate download, but everyone is unified in one chat. Is client has a skin pertaining to the game you are playing. I like the skin. You can also weed out players by game. Perhaps funky can work on a custom "in-game wol" style skin.