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30 November 2003 - 01:56 AM

I wish that the maps would be generated automatically every
game like in the early warcraft games. That would be a true
test of skill, not knowing where anything is or the terrain
your playing on. :p

In Topic: ss for Motions18

02 November 2003 - 02:21 AM

I had to find a program to convert my "pcx" file because the ss was to big a file to post. That's why it says unregistered on the top left corner.
Image Converter and Editor version 1.87

In Topic: Isnt There A Way..

16 October 2003 - 10:34 PM

Speaking a little german here won't kill anyone.
What's the big deal?

In Topic: Continued on " Hmmmm "

15 October 2003 - 12:24 PM

I agree with Zeus, of course I'm biased because I play the Yuri side. I have been owned by the Iron Curtain countless times. Also, over time I have experienced that "good players" win games regardless of map, side etc. Sovs and Allied players don't want to play Yuri because they haven't learned how to win against him. Allies own with gi's, mirage and prisms/bf's. Ironclad taught me about that when he owned me on lbl from the top spot. The game shouldn't be altered because of boomers.

In Topic: cotty no ss

11 October 2003 - 07:15 PM

hey cotty, found the ss. My ss are being saved as pcx instead of the usual jpg,png. And they not being saved in the ra2/images folder. Anyways here is the ss