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cnc Stream n vids

16 December 2014 - 06:12 PM

when im live on Cnc series(all series) every single one
I let you know here
Live on www.instagib.tv/mikegoesmad
Recordings here:

Still ain't going no where

22 September 2014 - 02:53 PM

Tiberian SUN, 4 Lyfe Hollard

Where I've been as a ts player

13 August 2014 - 07:29 PM

Here take a listen, i've got three,  if you don't like it you know where i stand ha ha ha

dEVASTATION(Little D!)  is going to hit the stores. 2015 im thinking , maybe sooner :D

Production thats why I haven't been playin as many games I have not abandoned you
and I will come on to play
and i appreciate the hard work everyone puts in thank you.


First song: F***Keys link:picosong.com/cE9q
like a lotus Which I grab out of my
bag and roll this I see bitch niggas
talkin shit cuz their hoes diss On
the magic mic Watch me bring the magic
 back Cuz I'm a young black male They
hate on me but ain't no black mail Cuz
I put in the work burried deeper than dirt
Unearthed my worth; a little King Tut
Watch me walk with a mean strutt
I like a sister who got a lean butt
Smoke me a green blunt Niggaz from my
side of town got the throwaway
that make u dissappear
because sun's down Moon's up in the
heavens doors are locked, dogs out so beware
after 7 at night in my hood cuz it aint
 look like heaven weapons tight every
minute is a minute to get beaten knocked
the fuck out, and its not even friday police
 keep their distance when they spot us
from the highway i never worked a job
i be robbin for my payday override my
victims like a motherfucker freighttrain triple
 pointed laser on my cross hairs 2glocks
 on my belt while i carry 'round my AK
 this aint horseplay talk2godmynigga jawehzzzzzz
Ay yo, like i said we dont play better
watch out befo i bust out ma Ak, it aint
a game jk nba 2K once u bust out that
bommb yay, shit go so hard hard it split
into a 2-pay uh, they call me rain man i
fucked your mom ya sister and i still
dont feel asamed man like i said it aint a
 game man punk ass lookin like a great dame
 i piss on ya grave then make fun of ya
name hahaha
Yall hate to love its plain above us
to see  the sky me ima fly while i
ride hit the thigh of your bitch , she
on my side, living like I dont need to
rap, excuse me i didnt catch that, bring it
 back. Living Like I Dont Need To Rap

second song:First Infection Link:http://picosong.com/chsj/
to switch up
Got robbed for my heart just like a
stick up
Life beat me down and I was too weak
to get up

Verse 1:
singing the same damn song  
since my brothers been gone
Moms gone, family's torn
Now I got the fucking floor
before I die, i'll teach
you to live for more
the right path may leave you sore
following Satan's darkness
will leave you broken
Listening to me will leave
you growing
I am what you've seeked
Hard as diamonds from
every angle you can peak.


Verse 2:
There is one solid fact
i can guarantee
Its that the demons outside
arent slowing me
I don't ever fear
call me better prepared
even me dissassembled you can't compare
we talking beef, well I'm rare,
tear you like its unfair even if
im not dared, test me, you'll be
lucky to be scared
For my family this I shared



Third song:Hells Trial(Rushd but eh getting back into it again after much going on in life) Link:http://picosong.com/chD8
leave me alone! Im hangin up the phone
cuz Im sick of hearing voices
in my head that arent my own!?
Now before they throw me in a
closet and lock it, treat me like
Tupac throw me in a box with a locket.
I might as well get this gun pull it back
and just cock it, let loose with these
shots when i pop it. How can you raise a
bar when you're as tall as a hobbit,
fuck that imma rocket I explode ink onsight
 when my wrists flop  my body must of hit
the drops and its over
will i fall over, am I able to go
through another Winter in Minnesota,
only then do I turn the cold shoulder to
these hoes and tell em to go
restricted inside there
deficient prison in hell
Convicted for felonies they've
committed since they were twelve
Some of them say I'm lucky I'm even here
livin' to tell
So turn all of your attention over here
and listen up well
Take a minute to envision where my
position is held
Sick in a cell with nobody ever givin'
me help
Itches compelling me until I lose all
grip of myself
And I'm stricken with this ambition to
dip then sin and rebel
Impuissant,equivalent to gettin' whipped
 with a belt
Skippin' my quizzes, lippin' off at school
 and gettin' expelled
Sippin' prescription liquid to the point
I've tripped and I've fell
Mixin illicit fixes of pernicious
shit not fitted
Vision yourself witnessing hell with
no trail to leave
Inhaling weed to avail you from
feeling frail and weak
Pale and bleak in the face from
all those nights you've failed to sleep
A motherfuckin' addict jailed with no bail

I am trying to do a song per day to get into it again, then mix time with ts and games and streaming like usual.

Thanks for your time and appreciate your hard work on the servers, thanks much

Mike TEH master :}

@working on getting along


Tiberian sun, Windows 8, Internal ERRORs in game

15 September 2013 - 01:47 AM


Is my current setup

It runs perfectly speedy in skirmish  and the mouse doesn't lag it with this setup

just online, it tends to give an IE randomly in the middle of a game...

I'm not quite sure how to fix it.. Im use to fixing my own problems but

I could use some assistance, thanks.

Ps. i have tried playin around with compatitability modes.. o.O


MIke TEH Master

Forgot one, here's more information about my PC


Ss for deadfast

16 May 2013 - 02:37 AM