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In Topic: how to leave a clan

10 February 2013 - 10:14 AM

hi there  and good morning,


now i have the
serials from him for Ra2 and yuri, but he mean, it can be, mindhunt is
refistered a long time before he hase had this cd with this serials !


other firends in real did him do this account mindhunt  a long tome ago maybe with an other serial from thme self !


the ask: if i register now this new serials,  i can still register
later e second serial for the same account/ game, if there is an other
serial in system/ for game  to read out with x-wis tool (xwis.exe) .he
isnt at home, so he could not read at once to see if it is different to
the cd serials !

iwanted not register this serials now, before i know, maybe there is a prob to register later an other serial !

ups, lol, have to take care in which account i am in the moment ;-) thought i am in erbe58 now;-) :rolleyes: :sleepy: :sly:

In Topic: how to leave a clan

10 February 2013 - 12:35 AM

i(erbe58) am in this account now in this moment, but next problem appears:

nick mindhunt dont appear in the list of nick names, and in sec nickname, thewre is no clan, and i cant see anything under the nicknames !