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In Topic: clan amor

20 February 2010 - 04:37 PM

All they do is creating game settings were they will be in favor..( LBL - Bottom / Urban&Isle camp + take buildings, CS 2v2 Bottom etc )<- all with colorcheat ofcourse
Those things have nothing to do with skill and tbh i think the world would be better off w/o ppl like l0vernew because they cannot even play a pc game fair.

Just know l0vernew that NO1 here on ST or any player who ever played ra2 thinks your a good player.

dam, :laugh:

In Topic: Allied build order? (Red Alert2)

19 February 2010 - 12:38 AM

..and stop selling all those refinerys.

thats good advice that i dont see many people do

2 miners per refinery is usually effective

In Topic: A Build order for allied play - Hammer and Sickle (Bottom right)

17 February 2010 - 11:32 PM

Unfortunately, there is no way to build down the cliff to the right of your base and trying to do so would not be efficient anyways because you would have to kill a lot of trees. So I suggest moving your mcv once you build your war factory. Once you start to build your refinery, your harvester from your war factory will almost be done. You should try to mine the gems as quickly as possible, so I sent both my miners there as soon as my 2nd refinery was placed by the gems. Even if you build a pill box at some point in the game, you won't run out of cash. In order to build up to the other gems immediately I built an air force command before I built my 3rd refinery for 4 miners. Once you place your 3rd refinery, sell the 2nd one so you don't go into low power. From this point you can either build another refinery for 5 miners and place it at the bottom ore patch in your base, or tech up like I was doing in the 4th pic. If you feel like your MCV will be vulnerable in the valley, then rally your tanks to the cliff north of your mcv and have a pill box ready to place. This is the most economically sound build I could find for this spot.

very nice, will have to try

In Topic: Cleaning up...

16 February 2010 - 06:43 PM

Click on the members nick and view profile, you get the post count and join date there... If you care that much what difference does 2 extra clicks make?

well put

In Topic: How to defeat Top Yuri players

16 February 2010 - 06:37 PM

Offic map a is much better for SvY then Offic Map B but still not very succesful. The cliffs on offic A make it hell for soviets vs. MAg + boomer.

Look all, the simple fact is: WOL had a 3 minute bailtime. If you matched as sov vs yuri on face down or offic B all you had to do was either BAIL, or try to quick rush then bail if it didnt work.

On XWIS it is ultimate fail and shouldn't even be discussed. The 3 minute bailtime made these situations possible. The bailtime made it impossible for a yuri player to go absolute STRAIGHT boomer, because if they did it would be over in 2:15. So they had to wait, and the waiting allowed for an 'ok' game.

i agree with you. all i was saying is that it is possible to take yuri on any map without cheating/laming or anything of the sort. some maps more difficult than others but it can be done.