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In Topic: Top 30 Tiberian Sun Players Of All Time

11 July 2018 - 04:08 AM

0. Hitgod

1. Humble
2. Cambria
3. Skylegend
4. Redrumurder
5. Tiger
6. TopRush
7. Energy
8. Anon
9. Sexpro
10. Black
11. TRZ
12. C0rpsmakr
13. Carnage
14. Getatthis
15. Thaillest
15. Veckster
16. Battilized
17. Kenshiro
18. SineP
19. Trooper07
20. Oldschool
21. Stylewarz
22. Dareeta
23. Ray
25. Azorahai
26. Greyhonda
27. Shredded
28. Jeasuschrist
29. Zenetusken
30. Rb26

In Topic: XWIS finally got what they wanted :)

06 January 2015 - 08:27 PM

Remember how we had blatant and rampant cheating by the same people for YEARS while you ignored countless requests and ideas for help and solutions. Funny how the ra2 servers didn't have the same issues?


Remember how our battle clan system was broken/limited? Funny how ra2 didn't have the same issues


Remember how we had large community forums that all TS players went to but the newer players had no way of knowing about to get in touch with the player base? And you refused to advertise anything but strike team where there was 0 TS player activity? Leaving all our player base that wasn't in the know with no where to go to meet players and learn strategy. Funny how ra2 didn't have the same issues


Remember when we took it upon ourselves to start catching cheaters and we made countless threads with screenshot and game data PROOF that people cheated and you out right ignored it


Remember when bettzeug and his crew spent MONTHS auto starting games causing nearly the entire player base to give up and quit and you did nothing about it.


Remember when mod map games were more than 50% of the activity on our ladders but 1 or 2 people were using maps that had built in cheats so they would never lose? And instead of banning the 1 or 2 players that were doing this you decided to remove mod maps from counting towards rank entirely which caused a 50% drop in activity? Funny ra2 never had these kinds of issues


I could go on for a while but that's plenty to get the point across. Keep denying it though.. Not like its gonna change anything.. And it's not like I have the patience or desire to continue roasting you for my entire life for it.


Edit: Yes you solved SOME of these issues "eventually" but don't act like you did something for the game when you serviced it 5-10 years after it mattered.

In Topic: XWIS finally got what they wanted :)

05 January 2015 - 07:09 PM

zzattack, Sorry for being a little bitter towards the ra2 community but don't pretend that you and olaf and all other ra2 players that played the game long term wouldn't feel the same way if one of the TS player private servers had gotten the EA deal instead of olaf and they decided to treat your game the same way that Olaf treated ours.


Matt, Dang you gottta be pushin 30 years old and you're still salty as anchovies. Helax.. Are you still gaming? What are you paying these days? Download clash of clans if u have a smart phone/tablet


mikerara ur fakemammy right? nice to see you've found the jesauce.

In Topic: XWIS finally got what they wanted :)

04 January 2015 - 11:02 PM

Maybe not now in 2015.. But certainly several years longer than it was. It's not like the TS community has been anything to talk about since 2007, maybe 2010 if your desperate. That was 5-8 years ago.

In Topic: Clash of Clans

04 January 2015 - 10:59 PM

I would play sometimes but these old games won't run on my computer.