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XWIS Faults and What they should Change

07 June 2006 - 11:53 AM

I think there are a lot of stupid faults with the XWIS Rules, one of which is the bailing... I think you should be able to bail before 20 seconds no matter what the odds are, for example if you are playing YR and you end up against a YR player on a map where he can bloody boomer own you then I think its fair to quit as they are unbalanced anyway, secondly if its laggy as hell you should be allowed to quit.

I also think the clan game thing is very stupid because you can't beat a particular clan more than 3 times, I know it prevents pushing but when I used to play, a lot of the clans I used to play atleast 10 times a Month, because you are limited to the amount of good clans you can play in the top 5 cause they are usually always the same ones, aswell as having many different players in clans its quite stupid to only be allowed 3 wins.

Any feedback guys?


06 June 2006 - 11:32 AM

Yo guys,

I logged onto YR yesterday and I played about 10 games or so on quickmatch and omg everyone SUCKS... so it resulted into going onto RA2 for competition!

What happened to everyone, get your arses back on YR you bloody noobs....Most good players on Ra2 are from YR, what the hell you doing on RA2.

Ra2 is good, but its old, it doesn't have the new stuff like industrial plant, siege choppers and all the rest of it.. its just ... WARFAC Rhino rhino rhino weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Deso weeeeeeeeeee fun...

Whats everyones feedback on this subject! no flaming! :cool: :cool: lalala

Idle in lobby

08 May 2004 - 09:45 PM

I think that YR and Ra2 players should just idle in the lobby all day and all night (leave pc on) so it attracts more players and it gives XWIS a bit more atomosphere.

I have a major problem

19 April 2004 - 10:24 PM

Right i installed Ra2 and now i got this **** problem in SS.

TiPS TiPs TiPs

19 April 2004 - 04:14 AM

Iv'e been away from this game for a LoooooooooooooNG time and i havn't played for 8 months or over but lets see here :) - i havn't read anyone elses topics so if i repeat anyones tips forgive me :) - Well in my opinion the best way to beating a player is to analyse him while he plays :) - if your opponent is going for quick warfacs and over tanking you its not always goood to try and catch him up in WF's, for example you might want to turtle (heck) and rush to middle with bundles of Deso's while he sits there with double the amount of ur tanks and cant do **** because ur ****ing him up harshly with just the same amount of desos and at the same time your getting more money and increasing your WF's later on in the game.

Second tip is to play like the **** germans and keep your opponents on the go at all times for example - you have 6 tanks - so does your opponent, just keep running around like a complete and utter nutter, but resist contact with your opponent, your opponent is then so concetrated on chasing ur tanks, youv'e go so much oppourtunity for instance ENgi rush - which has happened to me too many times which is why i wall my MCV at all times especially vs that MiT when he used to play and prep. It also leaves you the opportunity to run another few rhinos round the back.

I know this aint that much of help to all the good players but it will be a little bit of help for the newbs, i won't be letting out any of my L337 Yus tips so you newbs can beat me so i'l just stick with the basics above :D - later on