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Olaf or someone in charge

27 November 2018 - 01:56 AM

Since it's not possible to PM Olaf here and I can't find any info on what platforms you guys may use(TS/Discord/IRC). Would you be able to shoot me a PM here or email me at shaitan1977@hotmail.com?

Last time I tried noone read it and it seems you cannot PM 'Admin' anymore.

Forum registration

02 October 2018 - 01:40 AM

Hello, would one of you admins be able to approve the email that goes to alex117alex, so I can finish helping him setup for Renegade(xwis.net/cp part)?

Xwis Renegade

02 July 2017 - 04:16 PM

Is the Xwis server for the Renegade section offline? Noone can use it today to join.

Xwis Renegade

24 September 2016 - 09:03 PM

Is the Xwis server for C&C:Renegade down today? It seems to be unreachable.


Xproxy:  [18:16:41] Unable to connect to servserv.westwood.com; Error: 10061

Same thing for the Renlist program Adad made pointing to the ip.

OSTKshai password problems

12 September 2011 - 03:04 PM

I reinstalled my OS yesterday, set up Renegade, and tried to login. OSTKshai/OSTK were the nicks I tried. What it does is the name field can be filled out, but the password field cannot(on those two nicks it's greyed out, the one time I could put something in there, it said it was a bad password). I know the nicks aren't deleted, I was just using them a few days ago on Xwis. 0.o

I've tried the xwis.net/cp to reset them, I've tried the old chat lobby reset, and I just now tried the xwisc one...to no avail.

When I reinstalled my OS those two names were on the list for some reason, and I had westwood already in my registry(the new OS didn't delete the westwood folder nor the registry(and yes I manually deleted the folders and the registry before installing renegade this last time)).

Using the pass the xwis.net/cp gave me, there's nowhere I can put it now...
Nicks on that serial:
RG alucius 20:45 05-05-2010
RG alucius0 00:43 13-12-2010
RG atom1x 20:52 15-07-2010
RG inferno1 21:36 18-05-2011
RG ostk 10:41 12-09-2011
RG ostkshai 20:28 07-09-2011
RG shaitan 00:43 13-12-2010
RG shaitan67 14:49 29-06-2011
RG zzzzzzzzd 20:53 05-05-2010
RG zzzzzzzzh 09:39 06-08-2011

Ok weird...I gave the xwis/cp generated pass to a friend, and he was able to login just fine. Is there anything I can delete on my pc to get rid of that 'forced greyed out box on OSTKshai'...some dll or something. :( Something on my pc is keeping this false password on here, 4th install of Renegade just now and it's doing it again. As soon as I type in OSTKshai, the password field is full and greyed out.