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In Topic: Olaf or someone in charge

27 November 2018 - 04:41 PM

I hope that was you that emailed me and not a troll. That might be awkward if so.

In Topic: Forum registration

02 October 2018 - 10:41 PM

I know he checked the spam/trash, I was teamviewing on his pc iOS10.

He had initially tried another nick/email the day before and didn't get the email valedation either. That first one was a .live.com email I believe, same style of nick on here 'alex<something>'.


I just sent him a pm asking for that .live email he used the first day.


Do you guys accept forum PM's on here if he replies with the other email? I can't recall if this was the site before where I couldn't PM admins years ago. Or maybe if you're on an IRC I can join, idk what you guys may use.


*edit* Actually, I forgot live IS hotmail, technically. I'm asking him to try another email like yahoo/gmail. I had a problem on my forum where we couldn't accept Gmail last year. So, if you see another "alex" trying to register here, it isn't a spambot. :weightlift:

In Topic: Hello, hello! Question regarding patching an Origin copy of Renega

30 November 2014 - 12:59 AM

Did you ever get this sorted MikeOh?


*bump for looking at older Renegade topics here*

In Topic: OSTKshai password problems

12 September 2011 - 05:15 PM

Fixed. :)

In Topic: Nick deleted [Expired]

16 July 2010 - 12:45 AM

Wasn't too long ago. That's my main nickname I use when I am not in a clan.
<edit> Holy ****...all but 4 of my nicks were deleted off my serial. :s
It's weird, it shows my alucious0 nick there, but when I login the thing says its deleted as well. The passwords I have always kept in notepad so i never lose them, so it isn't a wrong pass btw.

[20:56:09] *** Connecting to Westwood Online (USA Server)
[20:56:10] Message of the Day,
[20:56:10] - Welcome to XWIS!
[20:56:10] -
[20:56:10] - 197 players (WC: 1, RG: 134) are online
[20:56:10] -
[20:56:10] - Register your serials at xwis.net/control_panel/ to manage your nicks and clans.
[20:56:10] u
[20:56:10] **********************************
[20:56:10] * Type /help for a list of client commands
[20:56:10] * All commands not prefixed with a / will
[20:56:10] * Be sent directly to WOL.
[20:56:10] **********************************
[20:56:10] :OSTKshai!u@h JOINGAME 2 1 12 1 0 1134808881 0 :#OSTKshai
[20:56:10] : 332 u #OSTKshai :
[20:56:10] : 353 u = #OSTKshai :@OSTKshai,0,1134808881
[20:56:10] : 366 u #OSTKshai :
[20:56:10] :OSTKshai!u@h STARTG u :OSTKshai :673192 1279241762
[20:56:15] [PAGE xwis] alucius0
[20:56:15] [PAGE xwis] inferno1
[20:56:15] [PAGE xwis] ostk
[20:56:15] [PAGE xwis] ostkshai