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Fun with Red Alert 2 / Yuri's Revenge

08 August 2015 - 11:35 PM

(tags: Messing around with harmless red alert 2 yuri's revenge cheats and glitches and other fun things)


How many different IFV combinations are there in YR?



Fun with Crazy Ivan IFVs



RA2 Soviet Mission 01 speedrun... with a Chrono Commando!



Let's own with President IFVs!



Let's flip stuff over...



Super V3 Rockets!



Scouting with V3 rockets



V3 rocket refuses to land :D


Tiberian Sun YouTube Playlist - Online matches & more

10 March 2014 - 12:10 PM

They're rare, but they're out there. Finding TS vids on YouTube is easy, but finding online matches can take quite some time. Here is a playlist of most (if not all) online TS matches, as well as some weird and interesting ones, that are currently available...



RA2/YR Videos in YouTube Playlists

03 March 2014 - 12:30 PM

Click here to go to the playlists
Remember all those times you searched YouTube for RA2/YR matches played on specific maps but had to go through a whole lot of other totally unrelated vids? Well, search no more. These playlists have been compiled to eliminate those other vids to save you a lot of time that could be spent playing RA2 instead. They include most RA2/YR related videos currently on YouTube and are up to date as of the time of this writing.
(Note: Unfortunately there is currently no A-Z sort function in YouTube, so you will have to go through the list one by one.)

I like to play with myself.

07 February 2014 - 09:04 PM


RA2 Dictionary/Glossary/Terms/Acronyms/Lingo

11 October 2013 - 01:42 PM

Red Alert 2 Dictionary / Glossary / Terms / Acronyms / Lingo


The following are terms/mnemonics/acronyms/lingo that are commonly used in Red Alert 2 / Yuri's Revenge multiplayer online, most of which you will not find meanings for anywhere else on the Internet:
1v1 = one versus one
2v2 = two versus two
3v3 = three versus three
aa = anti air
ac = aircraft carrier
afc = Air Force Command
afaik = as far as I know
afk = away from keyboard
alt = purposely parking your vehicle on the driveway of one of your enemy's structures such as warfactories or refineries by using the 'Alt' key to prevent more vehicles from being built or harvesters from deploying their load.
apm = actions per minute

apoc = Apocalypse Tank
asap = as soon as possible
auto mag = holding ctrl+shift while using a magnetron to automatically magnetize an enemy vehicle
back = retreat
bail = to refuse to play against someone, usually when challenged or during a set / series (bo3, bo5, etc.)
bar = barracks
base walk = build a base in a line, usually towards minerals
be = Black Eagle
bf = Battle Fortress
bl = bottom left
bo = build order
bo3 = best of three. A set (or series) of 3 games in which the player that wins 2 games out of 3 wins the set
bo5 = best of five. A set (or series) of 5 games in which the player that wins 3 games out of 5 wins the set
brb = be right back
btw = by the way
bvb = bottom vs bottom
bl/blab = battle lab
c&c = Command and Conquer
camp = refuse to attack or expand
candy = gems (multi-colored minerals)
cave = starting position closest to the middle on Heck Freezes Over
cm = clan match
cnc = same as c&c
cnr = corners (corner versus corner)
cons = conscript
croc  = crocodile
cs = Country Swing
cy = Construction Yard
dc = disconnect. The act of intentionally sabotaging one's own connection to the server
deso = Desolator
demo = Demolition Truck
dmz = Montana DMZ
dred = Dreadnaught
eat? = are we allowed to eat engineers?
eat on / off = eating engineers is allowed / not allowed
eco = economy
engi = engineer / to capture an enemy's structure (with the exception of tech structures such as air ports)
engi eat = to kill an enemy's engineer, usually with a dog
ffa = free for all (every player for themselves)
ffg = for fun game
ffs = for f**k sakes
fodder = expendable infantry units such as dogs or conscripts used to distract enemy fire
fog = a transparent veil that covers unexplored parts of the map

fog hack = is when a hack tool is used to make black shroud (unexplored parts of the map) transparent

fogger = a player that is unfairly able to see the entire map without the need to scout/explore, usually with a third party hack tool

fu = f**k you
fyi = for your information
gg = good game
ggi = Guardian Ground Infantry
gi = Ground Infantry
gj = good job
gl = good luck
gold = ore (yellow minerals)
gr = Game Ranger
h&s = Hammer & Sickle
hacks = third party tools used to gain unfair advantages over opponents

hax = hacks
heck = Heck Freezes Over
help on / off = help from ally allowed / not allowed
hf = have fun
hfo = Heck Freezes Over
hof = Hall of Fame
hv = Hidden Valley
ic = iron curtain
ifv = Infantry Fighting Vehicle
imho = in my honest / humble opinion
imo = in my opinion
init = initiate
jk = just kidding
k = ok
kick = kick out of game
kk = ok, ok
lab = battle lab
lawl = same as 'lol'
lbl = Little Big Lake
lol = laughing out loud
lvr = left versus right
m8 = mate
macro = macroinstructions. The order in which an army is built. Eg. power -> barracks -> 3 dogs, 1 engineer -> refinery -> warf -> 2 miners then tanks... Same as Build Order (bo)
map hack = a third party program that allows the user to see through the shroud or have no shroud at all

mate = buddy / friend
mapper = a person using a cheat program that removes all the shroud
mapping = the act of using a map hack tool

mass = amass / gather a large amount of
mc = miner control (same as miner management)
mcv = Mobile Construction Vehicle
mh = map hack
micro = control of the most subtle things of a unit or army (short for 'micromanagement')
miner management = making sure that miners are doing their jobs efficiently
mod = mod map / moderator
naval = naval units
naval stretch = to build ones base as far away from shore as possible
newb / noob / nub = beginner
no engi = you are not allowed to capture an enemy structure (with the exception of tech structures such as oil derricks)
no eat = you are not allowed to kill engineers that are used to capture/repair their own buildings/bridges
no mid = you are not allowed to move your MCV to the center of the map at the start of the match (usually on maps with a lot of resources in the middle)
no navy = you are not allowed to make naval structures or units
no rush = (no attacking for roughly 10 minutes or otherwise specified)          
np = no problem
obs = observer
off a / b = Official Tournament Map A / B
oils = oil derricks
omg = oh my god
omfg = oh my f**king god
op = over powered
orly = oh really

owned = badly beaten
pawned = badly beaten
para = paradrop
perm ban = permanent ban
pow = power (Power Plant / Tesla Reactor)
pp = Pinch Point / Power Plant
pres = pressure enemy
prez = president (cheat unit)
pro = very good player
push = to purposely allow others or oneself (using other nicknames) to win ranked games
pwnd = badly beaten (pawned)
pwr = power
qm = quick match
qq = QQ Battle (Chinese game server)
ra2 = Red Alert 2
rax = barracks
re = redo / rematch
recon = reconnection error
reconnection error = an error caused by repeatedly disconnecting, which usually results in no points being exchanged
ref = refinery
rocky = rocketeer
rofl = rolling on the floor laughing
rush = attack with opening units
rvr = right versus right
scout = to clear shroud
self spy = the act of spying one's own structures
shroud = the black part that covers unexplored regions of the map
sp = South Pacific
spam = use a lot of
split = to separate ones army into 2 or more groups
sry = sorry
ss = screen shot
st = Strike Team, the former name of xwis
stfu = shut the f**k up
sub = submarine
sv = Snow Valley
sw = super weapons
t = top
tc = tank control
tech up = create higher tier units
thx = thanks
tl = top left
toe = Tour of Egypt
tourney = tournament / ranked game
tourney a / b = Official Tournament Map A / B
tr = top right
tvb = top versus bottom
ty = thank you
ur = you are / your
vet = veteran unit
vgg = very good game
war = warfactory
warf = warfactory
wash = purposely causing a disconnection between two opposing players to stop points being awarded
wol = Westwood Online
wp = way point / well played
xwis = xcc wol irc server
yolo = you only live once
yr = Yuri's Revenge
zzz = boring