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In Topic: light3 - reshroud[BT16-02-09-07]

18 April 2007 - 02:26 AM

Wow thats pretty funny, I definitely did not see this happening when I made report. I wouldn't have made such an incriminating report if I was cheating and I honestly thought the other person had cheat that cleared after his taunt.

Thinking back I wish I had taken ss of shroud though I'm not sure if people would have just said it was reshroud anyways. I don't take ss every game and I only thought to take ss after I saw my completely messed up radar after spy satellite. One more argument I'll make is that I wouldn't make a spy sat if I had see all. Most players don't make spy sat in qm, therefore it would not be susipicious if I didn't make it. You can see in ss that I'm broke and that I could use the money to stop his upcoming attacks, so it would be incredibly dumb of me to waste 1500.

Desolane is obviously wrong on this one. I have played Yuri since the day it has come out and only saw this on my radar one time (which is why I posted, thinking I had finally found an actual way to prove an enemy maphack). I can see why I was found guilty as I can now see that this has never happened for an innocent person before. I know it might be rare, but I request that any fellow innocent person who sees their radar like this, take a ss and post it. I know it might be risky as you can see what happened to me, but I request you risk this sincerely. If this does happen, I request to admins that they immediately remove the "proven" for "Light3". Until then I guess I'll take a break.

In Topic: light3 - reshroud[BT16-02-09-07]

26 March 2007 - 08:06 PM

killer dont say dumb things when u have no clue.
I have never failed admin ss and i have never failed ss request at moment it was given. No one has ever heard me taunt in game once to set cheat. I have never had this on screen except for this game, thats y i assume other person cheated
and messed my radar up
and for those who say that I must have cheat for my radar to be messed up: in example PILLBOX34, I ask them what makes them an authority on the subject unless they themselves are mappers.

In Topic: light3 - reshroud[BT16-02-09-07]

24 March 2007 - 07:58 AM

Just want to make somethings clear to all who are posting cuz there seems to be clear misunderstanding.

1. all pictures are when i have spy satellite. end of story. it is the square at the top right in each picture.
2. all ss's are mine. I didn't take ss before spy sat becuz nothing seemed wrong with game. I took the pics after i made spy satelitte becuz something was wrong with my radar.
3. even though my radar was distorted, the whole map WAS revealed to me, there was no undiscovered areas.

-I think the player a2r5fghju mapped because of MY radar distortion. And one might say that it was simply cuz i alt tabbed into windows during the load, which i cant remember now if i did or didnt do, BUT regardless of that, my radar became FIXED right when a2r5ghju taunted, after I requested his ss. The last picture of the clear radar IS after a2r5ghju taunted, I had a spy satellite at the time of the picture.

In Topic: Toknsmoke Wash[admin page sent][reset]

02 December 2006 - 09:27 PM

I would just like to say that I did not see the dcer Toknsmoke last month and he did not give me a free win, I hope there is a repercussion for this type of cheating.

In Topic: ss for aaasyl

28 November 2006 - 09:25 PM