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SS for thongirl from Bobtb007

10 November 2003 - 08:45 PM


U requested a ss the other day, I am at this moment at my London address (and hence wrong computer) so therefore cannot post u a ss of the game that I beat u in the other day as of yet, please read on......

I thought I remembered u from last month and when I got the chance I looked up the game report archives.

And behold, in a game of cold war u were proven to map hack against me (you also have a number of other proven and suspected cheats against u)

I have also seen that u have served your ban and you have now posted several ss's to prove u are not MH'ing.

Therefore when u acused me (several times) of MH'ing I took various ss's all with shroud in main screen.

One of the investigators of my original report (jointr1zla) put me through the loop on my report about my game play. This was not a problem as I have nothing to hide (other than not being a good RA2 player which I try and hide all the time!!!!)

Suffice to say when I get back later on this week I will post several ss's for you.

BTW hammer is one of my favorite maps, top 50 players sometimes beat me there, usually any1 else looses

I couldnt post the ss's on the day becus Don Carlo had reset my IP address and I couldnt log on, this has now been rectified.

I look forward to playing with you in future games (let it be a clean and fair fight and may the best man (or lady) win.


BobTB007 (AKA russella on ST) B)

are crates enabled on xwis ffg's?

05 November 2003 - 11:31 PM

PLayed a FFG tonite and there where crates on.

Is this right :o

nextrank1 cheating?[crates - no action]

10 July 2003 - 08:02 AM

Can I please have advice

Can you scout enough to be able to place the naval yard where it is????
If not I want my points back and to BL the player

BTW on my game spy replay I cant get the terrain or scout history to work is there a bug shall I reinstall the programme?


GID Player A Player B Duration Scenario Date
46192 wilburtg L -19 nextrank1 W +38 05:34 Little Big Lake 10:59 09-07 52 0 1

nextrank1 killed bought left captured
units 11 25 21
buildings 1 13 13 0
infantry 24 3 1
planes 0 12 3
wilburtg killed bought left captured
units 2 15 0
buildings 0 10 0 0
infantry 2 32 0
planes 0 2 0

SS to follow

Yuri or RA2?

08 July 2003 - 11:35 PM

Just a quick note

I only play RA2

Are Yuri tips relevant for RA2 and visa versa?

If not, would it be sensible for the topic starter to indicate what game is being talked about :huh:


I think the best players are good at three initial things in the game .

1/ Good scouting
2/ Good anti scouting
3/ Getting their economy right (ie enough ore ref and miners so they dont run out of money) as well as building to either rush or prevent a rush (tank, engineer, rockie etc)

Good scouting BECAUSE

Once you see what the opposition is doing you can see his weakneses and strenghts.

Good anti scouting

Because he cant see your strengths and weakneses


Exploit the weakness
Build to counter his strenghts

This is why it is so difficult to play a good player who map hacks - he dosent have to scout (he will, but only to convince you he is not map hacking) :clapping:

AND he gets to see your complete BO from the word go and builds accordingly. :smartass:

He can more effectively anti scout (he see's your scouts comming!!!!)

How to scout

see an expert!!! micro manage your dog(s) dont run blind to one spot, guide it round the map to avoid the usuall pill

Have fun & LOL

carlosjk8 chrono commando cheat

13 June 2003 - 10:27 AM

He thought he had me dug himself in big time and started pumping out chrono commando's


This n00b then :fyou: screwed up big style and I still won

Get lost u n00b