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In Topic: RA2:YR - They got Sniffer Dogs in that Tech Airport on Sedona...

08 July 2009 - 09:19 PM

Heh, I'm glad almost everyone got the joke then!:p Lol @ some of the replies from people who didn't get it though, etc ;)

In Topic: The lamer topic

08 July 2009 - 02:20 PM

let me jog your memory... meatgrinder, also sitting your dog next to my derrick is not scouting

Oh you mean like this?:
Attached File  canyonfoddermeatgrinder.jpg   547.02KB   72 downloads
LoL :p

That's how its won on that map i'm afraid! dodgy map to MG on :p fun (and tedious) with crates though - get some elite v3 on the scene =D
And yah if i was outside your oil with a dog then how did it get there? by you NOT protecting on the way - or by my dog pwning yours with ctrl shift:P LoL, besides just get a drone on it or a rockie ;) - anyway thats where the dog ended up after i clicked into the shroud when waypointing :) or it didn't follow its waypoint path like it should've as sometimes happens when using waypoints - they glitch alot! espesh when ctrl shift waypointing i find =)

In Topic: The lamer topic

08 July 2009 - 02:08 PM

Bradrobbo, lol engi eat/engi/camp nah hes cool but he does do that!

I don't purposely engi eat, i use CTRL+SHIFT when waypointing my scouts/dogs, its not my fault that you can't protect your engineer with a dog /counter scout(which may indeed be a dog) ... build a pillbox or sentry gun =) or get a dog at a horizontal to where you think an enemy dog will be - they eat better sideways ;) just like anything in the game to do with range and stuffs... because of the way the engine works =D

and yeah i engy =) because you refuse to protect against it ¬_¬ :cool: LoLz

But yeah, camp? what? :S i don't camp at all :\, i was out in the middle of the map with siege choppers and tanks that one time and you said i was camping? lol... , i was guarding ore spot :\

In Topic: Bug on QM ? Wtf is that...

28 June 2009 - 11:57 PM


First time i have EVER seen it!!!! EVER in 8 years of YR and 9 of RA2 :\ (not that i play all the time haha, of coures, very long breaks of several months at a time and stuffs but yeah, still! - so i made a video of it.

It was in an FFG with my mate on Hammer & Sickle... my warfactory wouldn't build anything, ifvs wouldn't come out it just refunded my money, there was nothing in the way blocking my warf... then i built a chopper(nighthawk) seeing as they come out of a different part of the war factory, and it came out! (of the top, as they do) so i was like ehh... wtf? flew to the front and double checked that the 3 spaces in front of my warf were clear and they were but.. wow? lol... after that though (presumably just after building the chopper, rather than placing a unit in front of the war factory) i was able to build units again

- i didn't want to sell the warf and remake as i was sure that would work, i tried to debug it by doing what i did above.. but yeah, like i said, first time i've seen this happen with nothing blocking it!

@frequqnzy - no it doesn't, when that happens, it disappears from the build menu, :\ don't be sillly - and plus, for an amphib, all you NEED is the actualy naval yard itself, so if the naval yard was blown then obviously you can't build an amphib :p but yeah as in the screenshots its still alive

Of course maybe he just surrounded your naval yard entirely with dolphins... although i highly doubt that :p especially as you say you got his blab?

In Topic: Screenshot for papisnake

28 June 2009 - 01:41 PM

nice dup

lol, fanny/
what!t? :p haha