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Zhasulan vs FReQuenZy (broadcast in english).

19 November 2017 - 07:40 PM



I made a stream of show match between Zhasulan and FReQuenZy. I usually stream in russian (my native language), but this time decided to stream in english.


Now I wounder, how do you like this stuff. Need some feeback.



Broadcasting Red Alert 2 Show Matches

09 October 2017 - 01:40 AM



I'm Red Alert 2 Streamer from russian comunity. 


For now, we have an interesting trend. We organise show matches between players. These players have to be close to each other in skill level, so their fight has to be interesting for watching.  They decide, if they will play series until 5 victories, or until 10, and I stream and comment their matches on Youtube. 


Until now, I did my commenting in russian, and conquered reputation of very good streamer and commentator of Red Alert 2. 


As for now, I want to expand my public, and make streams not only for russians, but always for english speaking people, and commentate battles in english.

I want to know, if you interested in such show, and do you want to take part in it?


If you already have a challenger, with wich one you want to play bo9 series, or series until 10 victories, leave your feedback here. Also mention, if you want to be streamed in english, or you can play for russian public, and be commentated in russian (most people in CIS dont know english).


We use CnCnet (RA2 mode on) to play organised show matches.I know that many people from here dont like CnCNet RA2 mode, may be we can organise ur matches on XWIS, but I have some problems with original RA2. Sometimes the sound of game dissapears, and I have to exit game and restart my audio card, to get it working. May be we can decide something, but I'm mostly prefer CnCNet, especially because we can make rule (no dogs engineer kills) and (Multi engineering), so we can be sure, that its gonna be good game play, no lame tactics. :)


Here are the recordings of previous broadcasts (in russian), you may check them out, evin though you will not understand my speech smile.png.ee1ccf2fcd9f1155f6240c2832adf1


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rzQdkXMpig   -  Zhasulan vs Lud0wig (up to 10 victories)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3whzW0mChk - Decks  vs LittlDot (up to 10 victories)

How to record RA2 gameplay on Windows 8

27 December 2014 - 01:10 PM



These days I wanted to record some RA2 videos, but as u well know, Windows 8 doesnt really like RA2, so I faced the following problems.  At first I tryed to record by Bandicam 2. I tryed to record videos in DirectX/OpenGL mode, but failed, because evin if I launch RA2 and press hotkey, recording doesnt starts. Looks like Bandicam doesnt takes RA2 as DirectX/OpenGL application, in other words, the program doesnt know that RA2 is a game.  On the next step I tryed to record videos in "Desctop mode". Found out that this mode record's my desctop, but freezes when I launch RA2. It record's the sound of the game, but still has a frozen view of my desctop (: .   I've downloaded HyperCam, had the same problems. The program records my actions on the Desctop, but freezes when I launch RA2.  


So, is there any way to record RA2 video replays on Windows 8?


P.S.  Bandicam in "DirectX/OpenGL" mode works fine when recording other games.

Auto SS killed RA2

19 August 2014 - 08:01 PM



Dont know if such topic was in the past, so decided to open this one, to get some answers.


I used to play RA2 untill February 2013, but then left this game, and I wasnt here for a year. After a year breake I've installed the game, I still had RA2 installation exe file without Auto SS, and when I've entered the server, I was surprised. Its like population on the server reduced twice or evin more. Its wasnt surpriseing that game is dieing, but it never had such big temps of players reduceing.  One of the players told me, that the reason is that Auto SS is now necessary for playing online. I didnt get him, because I was playing without Auto SS and feeled fine. I have Windows 8, and game doesnt launch when Auto SS included. Without Auto SS it works fine, when u have these lirics in RA2.ini





So, when admins made necessary to install RA2 with SS, it was a big mistake, many players suffered from it not because they are cheaters, but because they were pushed to leave RA2, because its not possible to run RA2 on Win 8 with Auto SS. 


So I have sudgestion to get back old RA2 installation file without auto SS, or make Auto SS compatible with Win 8 if its possible.  Its really not a deal when so many players droped from the game against their will, while they didnt breake the rules of the server, but just had modern OS on their PC's


I know that there is another exit from this situation, players can make virtual machine on their PC's, but not many ppl will deal with that. 

SS for manstein

13 February 2014 - 10:39 PM

Didnt really want to post it, but this game made me laughing so hard, and I decided to post SS.  Now listen to the story :)


I've started on the top of May Day, manstein was at the bottom (how surpriseing, lol). I went in development to get Navy as soon as possible, manstein went, I'm not sure, but looks like it was something like 2 WF rush. I've scouted territory around my base very well, especially I could see broken bridge. Then when I had my first Dred up, manstein repaired the bridge. I've seen it, but at the same moment I droped paratroopers on his base to see it (I needed targets for Drednought). Then, I decided to shoot at the middle of the bridge by Drednought, in hope that it will injure some tanks while they will be moveing. Then he started to move his tanks, and stoped them right at the middle of the bridge, because he was destracted by my paradrops on his base. While his tanks were standing, I launched 2 or 3 launches by Drednought, and killed like a half or more of his army. Then he started to move tanks to my base, but I met them and killed the rest of his army. The guy was angry, said "fu" ,what made me laugh evin more, and then blamed me in maphack and DC-ed. 


Never game on May Day was so funny.



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