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Banned serial / Yuris revenge

08 August 2013 - 02:14 PM

Hi  Been a while i havent played yuri  Was playing ra2 since no one plays yuri anymore.  First time checked the game today just to see if anybody still playing the yuri. Only to find that my serial is banned :bye2: and shows that stupid 24 years ban. Can anybody tell me what the heck is going on. :help:  I tried entering my serial again and it said its allready registered. I tried a new nick, that didnt work either. I never cheat. My ra2 works with the same nick but yuri dont work. Please help. My nick is "wickdrush".. Thanks..

Problem at the start of QM

23 October 2012 - 07:49 AM

HI. Been a while posted here. I had about a year or more of a break from yuri. I have recently installed the game. Everything works fine. Although it took me a while to fix screen resolution problem. But now i have bigger problem. When i try playing QM in yuri's revenge it loads up bu as the game about the start i get a blank screen. Then after that it begins with a frozen screen with 143 credits then it shows my opponent is dc. Then i press quit. Recently i had a qm with CMEFLY. The first one worked and although he was good i managed to beat him. My only purpose was to play the game have fun , the points dnt matter for me. Anyway the second game in qm it went blank then dc. Then he had a go at me, accused me of bailing. i tried explaining but he didnt want to believe or listen. He put a complaint in the forums regarding me. Not that it matters but i just wanna play. So today i went into QM. Jaakola81 it happened again. Straightaway i paged him. I said its not me. I am not bailing. He said i understand i know. Its a current issue with connection. He advised me to make a topic to get support on this issue. Could you please fix this. I tried explaining as much as i could. It connects sometimes and sometimes it doesnt. I tried this both on 3G and wifi connection, with or without my firewall of and on. I dnt know what is the solution. If you could fix this it would be greatly appriciated. Thanks xwis thanks jaakola81. Cheers.

Stopchtng cheats bad!

06 February 2009 - 04:14 PM

Stopchtng uses map reveal to win the games. He blames the psyhic reveal of yuri but I shld have known better. Twice he knew exactly where my units were whilst they were hidden under gap. I constantly moved them and he still found it. Plus all my gis were under the gap. If tht was the reveal thing how cld he use reveal twice in seconds so he got my gis turned to brutals right after he got my tanks. So I really dnt buy this. My nick is Ateshatti. Another cheat. I want him banned please. Does anybody ban these pple anyway? Or we r playing here for nothing. U know wat ? I might even get a cheat for myself from now on. Wat the heck. F.. it... :angry:

Just as I expected. He uses Yuri only. To justify his games. Too bad he cldnt beat some. LOL. By the way he couldnt beat me at first game coz he cldnt build the SW's. Therefor his cheat was useless. At second game he managed to get SWs. Anyway . Last game with him. Hope he doesnt change his nick.

justin182 - president ifv

26 January 2009 - 01:06 AM

I want this cheater banneddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>justin182
I think I have played him far before and he cheated the same way.
He is using the prism IVFs if u know what I mean. I want this game to be investigated. And my Points back!!!
My nick "ufosrreal"

gerwar787 - wash

24 January 2009 - 10:00 PM

My nick in game is "ateshatti". Whilst I was playing against "gerwar787" , I started to gain on him then take him out. I was looking for his last building "MCV" then what happens? He starts to slow the game,then game freezes then starts dc. After he dc, I checked the points, unfortunately I ddnt get any points. Can you please do what is necessary? Ban him or give me my points? Thanks...