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ts ladder winner

05 February 2008 - 03:14 AM

well..i was 1st winner chosen on random select for ts..
never received my prize after months..

and ts hof still not up -_-

piccolo rc

31 January 2008 - 05:49 PM

ok.. right when he started texting that i knew rc was coming.but wasnt fast enough for dpl
this should be enough anyways considering his backround and he should already be perma banned.. question.. when will his ban be enforced?

he also tech cheated this game

edit:not sure which sync is what. but these 2 are from games withhim
and usually it has stats in mpstats. but this is all it shows

Frames: 44921
Average FPS: 40
Max MaxAhead: 80
Latency setting: 0
Game speed setting: 0
Local address:

Name: Coc0nut
Max avg round trip: 300
Max round trip: 1483
Resends: 3
Frame sync stalls: 8
Command cound stalls: 0
Lost: 0
Percent lost: 0

kapa rc

23 December 2007 - 10:55 PM

(1-2 pages.. rest is lot of spam)

didnt want to do this..
but br zay was completely dead.. as in it said knightkor has been defeated..
kapa had 1 harv bomb in me and had 2 refs and 2 pps left and riley had about 8 titans and disr finishing him off
i also had 2 refs. 2 pps bar pad 1 sam and rpg left with about 12 titans and inf defending nothing because tr had nothing to attack me with
there was literally 10 seconds left to riley finished kapas base

katsemoto(mine), rileys, and zays sync say kapa rc'd game..i've posted my synce here bill and the other 3 can be found in the topic on cncw

bill i know there is no ss here. but really didnt expecet kapa rc'd it and not give win =/

i just hope this information is useful to you guys in some way

my clan

24 October 2007 - 03:02 PM

why was my rank 1 cla deleted..
never cheated..

nvm..finally after the 5th time relogging in..in appeared

dizzdaddy - rc error

06 September 2007 - 06:45 PM

Mp Stats
Frames: 14911
Average FPS: 40
Max MaxAhead: 40
Latency setting: 1
Game speed setting: 0
Local address:
Local address:

Name: dizzdaddy
Max avg round trip: 450
Max round trip: 1250
Resends: 9
Frame sync stalls: 12
Command cound stalls: 0
Lost: 0
Percent lost: 0

game stats
katsemoto killed bought left captured
units 0 10 9
buildings 0 18 15 1
infantry 27 38 30
planes 0 0 0

dizzdaddy killed bought left captured
units 0 5 4
buildings 0 14 8 0
infantry 39 53 44
planes 0 1 1

*game slowed down.took dpl..
stole his warf/building titans..rc*