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Here is the screen shot of your win too.

24 March 2012 - 03:59 AM

Here you go sport.
you helped me to finally quit this game.
Yeah lets face the fact that this game has been a lot of good times.
but It seems in the coming days of life.
I'm growing up as a person.
It feels good


I been playing since 2000 and on and off.
omg i spent so many days and nights.
When forum disputes and that bubbling activity and timelessness was there.
Being a kid and playing ra2 was the best .
growing up I have so many memories of this game.
but man they were to fun.
I still have fun now and its hard to say bye.

but I can't buy time
but we only get older.

I have to move on from such beloved games of my past.
I loved sitting in the sun of my room playing this game.
watching adult films and ra2.

in my teens.
I played ra2 after some girl slice if you know what I mean hahaa.

I played this in and out of school.
throughout gigs with my band, work, life, everything.
I even dreamed about it.
this game is like crack cocaine for creativity.
and It also helped me motivate for random things.

I just wanna say I loved my time here at the red alert community,
But I just got so many goals and dreams its moving out.
I just gotta say my goodbyes.


Best of my memory.

I just wanna say sup to my boys on this forum.
from nra, kilers, -sony- .
I was never a clanner though so it didn't work.
I played in yur's revenge primarily but only the past recent years in ra2.

personals here. spar partners and trainers kilers. pizzaguru. I had some good gg and talks with ppl
sunny, tej from nra. , some nights. man this game was great for insomniacs.
I loved it when in yuri's I would get those high ranks in short month durations.
I remember alex, matt, dan, tony, nick, and for me the most important.
told me about qwer. A patianct player named Forges

I loved playing with you guys.
some games, some fun gameplay when you guys were mad. cause for some reason some players feed off the angry energy ahha.

Farwell my friends.
and for the current and new generations.
stay polite.
it slows people like me down.
and violent people.. stop being morbid in your games.
how are people supposed to learn when you kill the potential.

My most recent contribution in this game was this nick and this nick, orbitore, and moreform. ( i hope you guys got your points but still respect the value of this gem game. )
how amazing it would be with caring people in the ladders.
I am a crappy noob
with some gg's with my boys when we played.
sorry I wasnt there for winning cms cause i even strayed from ra2 in my skill peak.

post a picture topic needs props. (good times)
and to most current, work for the easy install of this game
and dev interface
to the creative maps.

cheaters. get a life.

to who ever the hell reported me when I was a younger when I used cheats.
cause it allowed me to enjoy some fun times here on this map.
and I know that even some of my strategy is in some of the playing players.
makes me happy. just gotta say its all you guys and its all your hard work.

I remember how stressful it was to some of these tight wearing point guzzle hookers.
but still that's no use for attitude.
grow up gents.

to all that reads this.
may the ra2 force be with you
and know that you can slap just as hard and real life.

and my forum debates. with ohsnap.
you were right bro.
mary jane is where its at.
Its powerful and I salute your push.


Feel free to comment and save this in the archive for other.s

Here is your fw, loser nokandy

24 March 2012 - 03:42 AM



12 March 2012 - 05:31 AM

Can someone message this guy and ask him to stop creating disconnects and to stop swearing at players.

How many people forward their ra2 ports?

13 June 2011 - 05:56 PM

If I get enough responses I might make a tutorial for the people seeking help. It makes connectivity a plus and reduces lag.
Who port forwards and who doesn't?!

justlee - wash no stats

13 June 2011 - 12:13 AM

I was playing this guy and I had him beat at this point. Then I get a wash with no recorded stats on xwis.net
He has a large record of disconnects. I do have a dpl shot however. Link to profile is here. http://xwis.net/ra2/pl/justlee/